Heart and Soul of a Mom, Wife and Woman

Good Sunday morning!

I have always been a writer! In third grade I penned short stories on brittle yellow paper and proudly brought them home from school everyday. In high school and in my twenties I logged in journals daily, writing about love encounters, heartbreaks, joys  and hopes of my life. Now, as a 46 year old mom, wife and WOMAN, I feel the strong need to communicate to other people about everyday life, which isn’t really redundant and boring. My life focuses on raising my sons into responsible and kind young men, family life in northern New Hampshire, my job as a reading Paraeducator, and various experiences and feelings dealing with womanhood. This is so exciting to share thoughts about my busy life and cordially invite all readers to my blog.

All my best,

Heart and Soul


4 thoughts on “Heart and Soul of a Mom, Wife and Woman

  1. You are an inspiration Aunt Mary! Kind, compassionate, brave, all contributing factors in the role model you are, thank you. I look forward to continuing to read your blog.


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