Sunday Peace

In the quiet hours of a January Sunday morning, the stove bursts with intense heat as I sit in a meditative state. Twinkling lights are perched in my windows, casting shadows of cars and trucks passing by. The mysterious night darkness will soon break into another promising day!

This is my alone time, a time to gather my thoughts and just be me. Thank God there is a time to be a woman while my mom and wife roles await. In order to be a spectacular mom and special wife, my cup has to be filled every weekend. I don’t have to do much, just watch my cats stalk each other, cherish my first cup of coffee and read the book I’m absorbed in at that moment.

Presently I’m indulging in Kate Braestrup’s latest book called Anchors and Flares. Braestrup is a Maine Fish and Game Chaplain. Her books relate her experiences in rescue operations, as well as her family life. There is something about her writing that draws me in and I want to keep reading. I highly recommend her books Here if you Need Me and Beginner’s Grace. 

As the morning hushed moments wane, busy family life begins as my husband arrives home from sanding the local roads and my 17-year old son rouses from his slumber. My reflections turn into actions as I start the laundry and wife and mom comes to life. Another Sunday has begun and as always, I’m eternally grateful for this life.


All my Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️



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