Starry Sky

Starry Sky

There is a mystical and tranquil place I have recently discovered. While standing there, all life’s stresses dwindle away, as if all that exists is a quiet peace. Here I gaze and dream. Here I wonder what my place is in the world and the universe. As simple as it seems, it’s right in our bedroom. There’s a lone window calling us to the celestial world.

When I took night classes a few winters ago, I would roll in my driveway about 9:30, long after many people’s bedtime. The first time I did this, I was pretty tired and not crazy about driving alone at night. But as I ducked out of our car, the night sky winked at me with millions of twinkling lights, bathed in pure beautiful darkness. Clutching my school bag, I hesitated and looked up. It could have been just as easy to hurry inside to put my books away, but the attractive sky was calling to me, as if to say, “Look here and enjoy.” So I did.

Many winter nights I peek at this glorious sight. Most of the time I quickly find Orion the hunter, especially the stars in his belt. Stars glisten and twinkle, luring me in to escape and experience this heavenly sight.

The other night I finished doing supper dishes, when Tom mentioned how brilliant the stars were. He invited me to our window. We stood in our dark bedroom in front of our window, spooking Dylan because he asked, “What are you guys doing?” Tom opened it up, letting in cold winter air. But it felt exhilarating as we were completely enveloped in the celestial moment. Countless stars lit the coal black sky. Tall pines trees line our outer yard, their silhouette painted against a starry canvas. The majestic hundred foot pine stands guard, reaching towards the heavens.

It’s as serene as you can get out your window. I can’t imagine not living this moment, for my soul would miss it. If I hadn’t started looking up, I would have missed living these special moments. If you haven’t bothered spying the sky, try it soon. Winter is supposed to be the ideal time for star gazing. A clear, cold night will produce optimum viewing.

All my Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


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