Cats in Boxes

Small boxes, enormous or tall, cats seek them out one and all. Boxes here, boxes there, boxes everywhere! Multiple cardboard boxes were scattered around our kitchen and living room over the holidays. Most of the time, after we removed the contents, we would break them down and recycle them. If a stray box got over looked, our cats would jump in without hesitation. Then the fluffy felines power sleep, something they really excel at.

Why do cats obsessively seek boxes and adore them so much? For some odd reason they relish tight places to slumber. They treasure the walls of privacy, curled up in warmth. The cardboard walls provide a pleasant heat against their body.

Our oldest and biggest cat, Katy, jumped and climbed in a tiny box. She squeezed within the sides, as they sag with her weight. Nestled inside her hide away, she slept peacefully. As every family member walked by, she purred loudly and accepted soft pats on her head.

Whether boxes are filled with boxes or clothes, it doesn’t matter to a cat. Sluggish cats lay on top of hard books, but how can that be comfortable? Folded clothes waiting for donation are a warm invitation to the frisky felines, as they paw the layers and tuck themselves inside.

Boxes and cats. Cats and boxes, they go together like salt and pepper. A nice place to rest, one of the best. Jumping in, flipping boxes over as they attempt seclusion.


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