A Fox in the Morning

An early Saturday morn brings a vibrant sunshine sparkling the blanket of snow. It is late February, just weeks away from spring and possibly a long anticipated melt. An unexpected visitor saunters down the neighboring hill carrying a hunting vision with him.

This fascinating wild animal stares right at us, as I snap a photo of him. I whisper for precious permission to invade his privacy for a second. I try to keep the camera steady as I watch his intense beauty and wonder if his den is nearby.


He hosts a full orange brownish coat and a bristly thick tail that trails behind him. His muzzle is pointed and slender, yet his frame resembles a stalking cat from the distance.

His name is fox.

Sly Fox spies something in the snow, a mouse perhaps. Quietly with a purpose of surviving, he peers without movement.


Minutes pass by as stillness envelopes the fox. A loud barraging truck lumbers down the road, just a few feet shy of this beautiful creature. He runs into the woods desperately and the moments have passed.

We will watch now and then, eager for a peek of the neighborhood newcomer.

Hurry back, little fella.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

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