Strive to Learn Something New

Learning how to garden is one idea ❤️

   Here’s a question to ask yourself today…..






                              What do you want to learn or accomplish?
Has it been ages since you’ve tried something new? Maybe you’ve always yearned to cook or bake with a fancy flair. Possibly you carry a deep desire to grow a lush garden for the first time. Perhaps you have an itch to research your family ancestry and really dig into your roots. So if there’s a spark of interest, what’s holding you back? Dive right in and discover a fascinating new world.





A few summers ago I spent hours and weeks glued to my computer, researching my family tree. Another year I started scrap booking and made a few memory books and homemade cards for family members.







My new year has brought distinct interests to light and something has triggered my inner being to learn even more than what I’ve pursued in my past. Something clicked within me in January and an old love transformed into a reborn interest. My love of writing has taken a backseat for many years and has mysteriously resurfaced. Now my intention is to write a blog and possibly children’s books in the future.










                                         What do I want to learn about?








With each year that passes by, my desire to learn develops. It’s understandable how many adults go back to school, not only for career development but at the middle age of forty six, a new born curiosity evolves. My husband and I are nearing an empty nest in a few months, so this is the ideal time to learn new hobbies.






I read blogs or books and suddenly inquisitive questions arise and then a fire is kindled and it’s up to me to feed it. In the past I read about Area 52 and the Roswell Incident. I’ve learned about people with disabilities who have defied the odds, women following their passions and ancestry of my family. Crocheting looks like fun. Yoga intrigues me and I wish to delve deeper into the practices.






I’ve done yoga a few times before at camp. A nice family from Montreal gave a yoga class and my mother in law, Theo and I went with hopes of a meditative stretch. I’ve read about it and how it centers women, helps your body deal with stress and is a good stretch work out. My problem is making time during the week. I really want to do it and commit but the class times are around supper time, how can I manage that? A crockpot meal maybe. Perhaps downloading a yoga app would be the route to follow for me. This way I could perform it at home without pressure to get home in time to make supper.









Another thing I want to learn is building. Soon my husband and I are building six window boxes for our home front. Last year I started noticing houses passing by in the car ( my husband and I enjoy country rides in our town and neighboring villages). Many houses have gorgeous window boxes adorning their front, filled with colorful posies and greenery. My deepest desire is to build my boxes myself, but with my husband’s guidance.
Whatever it is, follow your heart and learn something new today. You don’t necessarily have to wait until you are approaching an empty nest too, just take time for things that interest you.It makes life interesting and you may end up really good at it. You may be surprised of the friends you make and your passion may exist for the rest of your life.


                                         It’s never too late to learn something new.



All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

10 thoughts on “Strive to Learn Something New

  1. Learning something new is always fun. I have started gardening and it has become a real friend. then I started blogging about Cat-gardening since they seemed to connect! reading is always a friend but then I began to listen to Western Classical music and fell hard for Mozart and Beethoven and many more magicians of music. this blog makes me feel better about learning something new! thank you

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    1. I find the older I am, the more curious I am and I seek new things to learn about. Cats and gardening are very interesting. I like all kinds of music from classic rock and roll to some country, folk, and classical western music when I’m in the right mood. Thank you for reading my blog….maybe you might learn something new about the States and when I read your blog, I hope to learn about India.💓

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  2. Great post, definitely food for thought. We’re empty nesters too – it took me a while to really figure out what I wanted to do and when. Too often people rush out and take on everything right after say a retirement or being an empty nester etc. I thought I’d try various things to figure out what I really wanted to do, and I’m happy to say, this is the year I’ve found it. Learning something new keeps our minds active.

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    1. Hi Loretta, I’m getting ready for the empty nest as our youngest son graduates in June and leaves for college in August. It already feels like he’s gone because he is out with his friends all the time, living his life. I’m happy for you, that you found what you wanted to do. 😊


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