My Son, the Entertainer



Last night I visited my son’s senior project night in the school’s gym. Many people were packed in the gymnasium learning about various topics that seniors and sophomores had studied. Some projects stood out to me, assisted suicide, gmo free products ( genetically modified organisms) and are serial killers sane( which I strongly believe, no, you’ve got to be crazy to kill.)


B stood proudly at his table, set up next to his good friend . A three tiered poster was on display, portraying animation as it was in the early years compared with computer animation now. B presented his project and spoke confidently and with charisma.


I learned about different animated techniques and the fascinating tricks movie makers create with computer imaging. One interesting fact B taught was that the makers of Fast and Furious 7 had footage of Paul Walker acting but then he died in a car accident in the middle of shooting the movie. Amazingly enough, with computer imaging, they took footage of Paul Walker’s head and added it to his brother’s body. His brother was a stand in.







The wolf in Into the Woods



As I listened to all this, I was extremely proud of his knowledge. I understand why he’s chosen the computer animation field…to entertain.




My son has always been an entertainer…


when he was around three years old, he and his big brother received harmonicas in their Easter baskets and played for us all day.
Then there was the Christmas Eve he sung Christmas carols solo for us and my husband’s employer and her family.



Over the years B has been in many plays including Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, Into the Woods, and The Hollywood Hillbillies.


He acted passionately as Professor Marvel and The Wizard in The Wizard of Oz. These roles were his best and he received an acting award for The Wizard. During the Professor Marvel scene with runaway Dorothy, the stage crew forgot to put the fire prop out. Yet B cleverly pulled it off by ad libbing, “ A fire, I wish I had a fire!” Here he was roasting a hot dog over a non existent fire! The audience roared with laughter.


It takes a special person to ad lib and generate funny lines, where they fit perfectly. B has that God given talent that will serve him well in his life. As we wait for college acceptance letters, I know that where ever he goes to school, he will be successful and generate a few laughs too.


All my Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️















7 thoughts on “My Son, the Entertainer

  1. Your heart shines through in every word in this wonderful post! My son just turned 10 yesterday and I can imagine what a wonderful journey you have had as a mom all these years with your child. Hugs from one mom to another! Sharon


    1. Hi Sharon, thank you for your kind words. It has been a wonderful journey raising both sons! I’m sure you have wonderful memories with your son and many more
      as he grows. Isn’t being a mom one of the best roles to live? Hugs right back to you, Mary ❤️

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