Meet Smokey

Meet Smokey…




Smokey on one of the highest places in the house





Our black cat, Smokey is crazy and mischievous, an eight year old tomcat who prances around the house with a high order attitude. He paws open cupboards, flipping doors in search of treats. He jumps energetically up on top of our china cabinet, eager to reach the highest point in the house. Scampering after our older cat, Katy, he races with vigor. He runs up and down our stairs at high speed, in sudden bursts of energy.









This little kitty possesses an adventurous spirit and most important, he is a survivor. You see, my sister in law and mother in law were walking down a country road in our town and heard desperate cries like a wild animal. My sister in law investigated on the side of the road and scooped him up. Tucking him in her jacket, she brought him home. He was a few weeks old, tiny and black with gray stripes. We don’t know if the mother abandoned him or if the human owner dropped him off. It was October and that night was very cold, a sure sign he wouldn’t have made it!






We are thankful that Pam saved Smokey’s life that day. She couldn’t keep the poor guy because she’s allergic to cats. The minute she told me the story, I wanted him with all my heart. We had to persuade my husband and he told Pam, no more after this. Now he is a staunch member of our family and my husband doesn’t regret his decision…he loves him.














When he grandly entered our home, we had another cat, Katy. Our roly poly tiger cat had been the one and only for five years. ( I will share her story another time) She growled deep within her throat, a surprise to me because I thought dogs only did this. Like a jealous sibling of a swaddling newborn baby, Katy despised the new kitten.




We were patient with Katy and introduced the newest family member gently. My husband said it was the new kitty smell that freaked her out. Whatever the hostility or jealousy was, she seems to tolerate Smokey now, like a brother and sister. They even play and run after each other. Smokey is Katy’s exercise regiment!





Crazy kitty busts racing up and down the stairs, like a tight rope walker, he pads on the high stairway railing with bravery of youth and invincibility. This little speed demon of ebony sticks his sandpaper like tongue out quite often. We all laugh because he’s so goofy and he resembles a comedian sharing the punch line.







Always finding a snug place to sleep




Smokey’s youthful personality brings fun and enthusiasm to our house! What will Smokey do today? What will he hunt? Will he break into my cupboards and drag out goodies? We just never know…but what I do know is that our life is enriched by his sporty behavior and we love him dearly. Even when he’s naughty!












All all my Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️











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