Garden Decor Inspiration




Did you ever hear of garden decor? Does it really exist? I think so…it’s my concocted label for the items and decorations in the garden. Garden decor is beyond the lush green vegetables or vibrant flowers adorning the plot. It’s the unique items that speak to you and reflect your personality, arranged any way you desire.





A beautiful garden speaks to your soul…it’s an exhibition of love and passion for the natural world, for all to enjoy. Although my garden is important because of the harvest of vegetables for my family, it’s also fun embellishing the garden. Every year, as the seeds germinate in the soil with a fresh start, I have a little fun designing the decor. With a new season,comes a revamping of decor, with my original ideas as well as Pinterest ones.




My garden decor has grown over the years, as I’ve collected pieces and experimented with various placements. I have a few large rocks that my mom painted for me, resting in the soil between sprouted parsley and pungent basil. Last year I had a little troll who serenely napped, neighboring the cucumber trellises, while the moose with big antlers guarded the herb patch.






I strategically placed Tom’s turkey decoys in my squash patch, hoping they would deter deer and other small animals who munch on my blossoms. Then there was the lone ski pole in the center of my garden, just because. The long pipes of wind chimes hung on it, little tinkling sounds played, as I peacefully worked in the dirt. Of course the screeching owl was the garden guardian, perched for all to see.












Last summer, my husband and I jaunted around in our car ,as the sun strongly shone upon our path. With windows wide open and breezes in our face, we cruised local towns. While Tom’s radar is always on wildlife, I gazed at other people’s gardens. An old rusty bike was parked among bright purple irises and a fancy dressed mannequin graced a local front yard. In another yard, trellises and fences bordered lush and lively veggies and a wagon of petunias stood nearby.





One year I placed an old brick in my veggie garden, alongside my herbs. A year before I was surprised to discover it under the ground, as we dug a border around my flower garden. It must have been part of a border at one time. It had the year 1904 etched on it, which I thought was really cool and an antique of sorts. This brick is just shards and pieces now. It started falling apart being out in the elements and one run of my husband’s tractor did it in.




There is no right or wrong when setting up garden decor. Listen to your little voice and create beauty however you like. Choose items you love that may fit in the plan. Some ideas are old gardening water cans, old wagons or wheelbarrows, animal figures (at one time I had a deer composed of a birch log and branches for antlers) and glassware creations. Check Pinterest for ideas.


Who knows what I’ll add to my garden decor this season but one thing I’m sure of….it will be a joy for me to do!  If you wish to decorate your garden, browse through other people’s yards, (while driving by),  in magazines or on the web for inspiration. Happy designing!


All my best,

Heart and Soul ❤️