A Grateful Heart





Years ago I watched Oprah Winfrey’s television show and learned of a cool way to acknowledge being grateful. Every morning or at night, write down five things that you are grateful for in your life.



The first time I practiced this in my journal, I’m pretty sure I penned :
1. My husband
2. My two sons
3. My family’s health
4. My health
5. My job at school



These are foundations of my life and without even one of them, my life would be very different and somber. I realize what a storybook life I’ve lived as an adult, thanking God every step of the way.





I believe that  acknowledging what you are grateful for is vital! These are all the  reasons why we get up in the morning and take the world on. Once I started this writing practice, I felt immersed in complete gratitude to God. Being grateful for little things keeps you humble.




I’m grateful for spring water running to our house. I’m grateful for food in my cupboards. Grateful for warm blankets, blazing fires in January, cool woods to trek through in August. I’m extremely thankful for living in our renovated house, a project that was supposed to be a year or two that turned into 22 years.







In the past I journaled my five things everyday and sometimes waivered from it. It was those times that they were in my heart. Now I’ve instilled a grateful heart in everyday life, registering it in my brain and I feel it unnecessary to write it down anymore. Waking up each day, I would look at the panoramic landscape of mountains with a true grateful heart. I am grateful for a simple conversation between my sons or a bear hug from my husband.








This is my scrapbook of sayings that I’ve printed off Pinterest. When I’m feeling down or need inspiration, I thumb through the pages. I’ve also written my five things I’m grateful for in it at times. 






I hope you realize that you have much in this life and the sacred act of being grateful for it all is living life to the fullest.Try listing your five things you are grateful for. Everyday the list should be with new things, ponder over little and big things.





Share with me what you are truly grateful for today! I look forward to reading your five!




All my Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


10 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart

  1. 1 I am greateful for my good health
    2 I am greateful you my family
    3 I am greateful for God in my life
    4 I am greateful for for my home
    5 I am greateful for peace an love in my life

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  2. wonderful post. I began writing these 5 things some years ago and found out that they sometimes reached ten or even more things! Many of them were the little things that come to us! great Mary!

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  3. Such a wonderful reminder for us all. I am so grateful for my family, our beautiful home, the sunshine, our beautiful flowers, and how the lord has watched over me and opened doors when I most needed .

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