Livin’ By Lists



Life is busy for a mom….go, go, go everyday and on the weekend! Schedules fill the calendar with appointments, meetings, and things to complete. Because of this hectic way of living, a few years back I started writing lists to try to keep order. Lists on the kitchen counter or under a little magnet on the fridge are constant reminders of what I should do, could do or may not get to.

Jotting down lists as reminders can be helpful in a crazy and busy household (if you work out of the home or not). Lists are useful for hectic times like Christmas or planning big parties, like B’s Graduation party we will have in June. As you go down the list and get things done, the best thing to do is check it off and move on to the next bullet. Sometimes I celebrate because I think everything is done and the list could be crinkled up in a wad of paper and trashed, however another job may still remain. Frustration sets in along with a need of a Calgon-take- me -away bath.





With all that being said, try to not take it too seriously. Haha…don’t be defined by or married to your list. Try to be flexible and able to pitch it when necessary. If watching a movie with your hubby is what you need to do, lose the list.  Save it for another day because you know it will be waiting for you.




A funny side note: about a year and a half ago, I had a long never ending list getting on my nerves. I had worked all week and it was the stressful time of year at school and a vacation was what I really needed in my life (instead of that crazy list). I zipped through my chores, cleaned the bathroom, did a few loads of laundry, dried them and folded to put away. Hours passed. I rechecked the list to see the damage. Towards the end of the list Tom had added,


Make love to husband.

A smile came to my face and I even stopped for the day. Because it’s just a list.😊
Do you write lists to keep organized? Does it help with completion or complicate things?



All my Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


4 thoughts on “Livin’ By Lists

  1. the only lists I make are for my food shopping! or I would forget the most important things like tea, sugar, rice, other grains! Coffee is never on the list, I love it so much that I always buy too much! lovely post Mary! thank you

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