One Cozy Cat 😻






It’s an April evening in New England. The  frigid air resembles winter, as animals of the wild scurry around in a cloak of pitch black. Inside our home the trusty stove continues its blasting heating duties, as it did mid- winter nights.



Supper dishes are neatly stacked in the dishwasher and Tom has the TV on for amusement. I tiptoe around with my iPad, snapping photos of our tranquil animals, as they start their nightly nap. They snooze to their hearts content, unlike their wild  neighbors. Choosing their resting spots involves prancing around rooms, seeking quiet comfty nests.





We have a rocker that Tom’s employer, Mrs. Geneen  gave us years ago. It sits humbly in our livingroom waiting for someone to sit down. Mostly our cats occupy it.This was Smokey’s spot every night and then suddenly Katy took it over! Surprisingly our black kitty boy has relinquished his hold on the bed and sleeps at the top of the couch or at the foot of our bed.







Do you think my cat Katy looks content with her home? I don’t think she could be any happier! It’s these peaceful moments that I cherish, absorbing their hanging it all out poses!





Wouldn’t you like to simply cuddle up in a cozy spot, stretch every limb out and sleep to your hearts content? My weekends resemble these poses. I stretch out under the bed covers, relishing a placid morning without piercing alarms waking me up.  These are some of my favorite weekend moments…letting go of worry and anxiety and just being cozy!



Have a great week all and try to soak in your cozy moments!


All my Best,

Heart and Soul❤️

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