Go With Your Heart


B chose his college this week. We all patiently waited for it as he struggled with his heart and brain. His brain told him one thing while his heart said another. My advice is always go with your heart when making a tough decision because you want to be happy. Choosing a college with your heart means you’re listening to your desires….choosing your happiness.






Life is all about taking chances with decisions at every turn. Like any major decision in this life, there’s a distinct risk. Instead of focusing on what could be a negative experience, why not peer at the positive side and think, what are all the magnificent events that will happen? Most of us could say that without taking risks, our lives would be quite different. I wouldn’t be employed by the school or hold my degree without them.





Looking back on my life, there were many times I made decisions with my brain and not my heart. Obviously I can’t go back and redo those times, but over the years I’ve learned that listening to your heart and your inner most desires is the key to happiness.




Another important point I want to mention is to make decisions for yourself and not to make others happy. Everyone in your life won’t always support your decision but it doesn’t matter at all. You’re not living to impress them…you’re living your life and no one elses! B had this huge weight on him and in the end, he decided for his life and personal goals.



For those who know me personally, you know I like to post on Facebook all my sons’ accomplishments and what is going on in their lives. Lately I’ve held back due to B’s request, ” Mom, don’t put my college decision on Facebook. ” He’s a humble guy and doesn’t need multiple likes or approval to build his self esteem. I’m proud of him for that, he’s not driven by media attention. He did say I could write about it here and so in the fall B will attend Mount Ida College in Massachusetts, about 2 1/2- 3 hours from here. It’s minutes from Boston and will be great for internships. Tom and I are so very proud of B’s accomplishments and look forward to hearing about his college adventures!



Do you have children making college decisions right now or recently? 


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

8 thoughts on “Go With Your Heart

  1. I made my college decision 6 years ago… It was a tough one too. It took me away from family, so far away that I had to travel overnight to meet them (obviously not so feasible an option always). It took me to a whole different city, the language of which I didn’t speak! But it made me the person I am. It made me independent and gave me the confidence I needed in life. I opened up, became an extrovert, became more sensitive…and I am happy I went to the college I did! I hope B has an amazing time at college… It’s the most rewarding of all decisions ever 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much for reading through my article 🙂 yes, college was amazing for me and if B has made the right choice, it’ll be just the same for him too! 🙂

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