Are You Truly Listening?😳





Listen to listen and not to respond….awhile back I read this quote on Facebook and it really stuck with me. Before this it never had occurred to me. I think it reigns so true and powerful because that’s the reality for many of us. Most of us hear what is spoken but simultaneously are actually preparing to answer.  Sometimes we truly don’t listen just to hear but to respond.




All my life I’ve had the gift of gab, even as a young girl I talked and talked and I’m sure I drove people crazy! I can’t help talking about my life and experiences and when I’m listening to others, sometimes honestly I’m thinking of my life connections and responses. So if I am fully aware of this behavior, how can I switch my brain?






It might help to write in your journal what you notice when you really start observing your behavior. In this case jotting it down could be a learning experience and a good reminder to truly listen to others. By being totally aware and encompassed in spoken words, you may find that you grow to be an avid listener.





Why not really listen to someone? Friends and family don’t always need advice or suggestions but an interested  listener.When participating in a conversation I am trying to listen now, really lending an open ear. It’s harder than one thinks, it means clearing your brain of come backs and thoughts.








Listening without thoughts of replies must be an art. I personally know many people who could learn to listen, including myself! If you wish to better yourself in mutual caring conversation, practice listening with a genuine interest to listen and not to respond.



Many times we simply want to be heard…are you all ears?


All My Best,

Heart and Soul❤️

3 thoughts on “Are You Truly Listening?😳

  1. Not a lot of people can do this. It has to be intentional. Make up in your mind that you will listen and not think of a response when someone is speaking.

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