Connecting Around the World

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When I jumped blindly into this hobby of blog writing I never dreamed how many foreign people I would connect with and learn from! The first month I established 500 views, all were from the United States, an achievement that I was truly proud of. It means very much to have family and friends read, post, and share my material to others!




Despite all this recognition, I was also hoping to connect with folks around the world. So I kept writing and sharing and reading others’ blogs and commenting (because there are so many wonderful blogs out there written by outstanding people) with hope in my heart that my country stats would change. (Check out The View from the Porch, Shades of Grace, the Canny Catnip Nook, Suzy Barker, A Leaf in Springtime, Life in Between to name a few. The rest of these special blogs are listed on my homepage!)





The second month I blogged I had a reader from Finland and I was on my way. Across the Atlantic, what an amazing feat! Then in March readers from the United Kingdom  saw my blog and then slowly other people from vast countries were reading and commenting.




I feel as though I’ve made valid connections with people and already learned of others cultures and how they are different from mine.  Yet we all share the principles that unite us…We all want to be understood, to be loved and to connect with readers and somehow make a difference in our writings, don’t we? These similarities and diversities are what makes us all unique! We are different but really the same!





I never have traveled the world and out of my borders twice, to Nova Scotia, Canada and Prince Edward Island. That’s it…yet through this wonderful “family” I’ve traveled to Finland, the United Kingdom, India, and Australia weekly. I’ve seen amazing pictures and read sweet prose that touched my heart! I simply can’t imagine connecting any other way and I wish to express my deepest gratitude for all of you and your insights!




Here’s a warm shout out to readers in  the United States, India, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Finland, and Canada! I am deeply grateful for you all and the time you’ve invested in my blog. For fellow blog writers, keep penning outstanding blog entries for me to indulge in every week. You’ve all made my life a better, richer one ! Thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart!❤️



All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

From the USA




11 thoughts on “Connecting Around the World

  1. Hello from the UK! I’m glad you’ve written this post, as I’ve considered the very same things myself. It is indeed wonderful to experience a small slice of someone else’s country and life, and see the photographs that go with it. Well said. Please keep writing.

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