Spring Point Ledge Light




Are you a lover of the sea and its hypnotizing powers? Do you relish in the lure of a rocky walk with  a far reaching view of a bay? If you answer yes, then you may want to check out Spring Point Ledge on the Southern Maine Community College campus in South Portland, Maine.


My husband and son on a challenging walk of granite slabs .
A beautiful view of Springpoint from the campus.






Our son D attended Southen Maine Community College in South Portland in 2014. It was the first and last college he scoped out. The location was beyond stunning! D has always loved the  Atlantic ocean when we’ve visited it over the years. He majored in Automotive Technology and eagerly signed up for the college baseball team.





The campus overlooks stunning Casco Bay.This campus was Fort Preble at one time and by studying the buildings and classrooms, it’s obvious. The buildings are constructed of brick and inside classrooms are aged and plain. What makes Southern Maine Community College stand out is the location, something that appealed to our son, as well as the baseball team!






When exploring the campus, follow the seaside paths to breathtaking views of the bay and a spacious Willard beach just below. A manicured trail with various plants and rose bushes paves the way to a set of benches. Sit down and breathe in the salty air, watch the seagulls dive into the water and gaze at lines of boats caressing the waves.




Walking to the lighthouse you spot sailboats gliding in the distance and seagulls swooping to and fro. Tourists and college parents soak in the peacefulness as they snap photos of it all. Peering in a handy set of binoculars, one can see a distant building that resembled an old fort.





If you visit, park in the college parking lot. There’s a short walk through the array of quaint buildings that leads you to the bay. A bench or two invite a little picnic or just a pit stop to gaze at the surroundings. Walk the rocky path to Spring Point Ledge lighthouse and travel back in time.




Writing this makes me miss Maine and our annual mini vacations there! Here’s to strongly hoping that it happens this year…basking in the warm glow of the sun, burying toes in the gritty sand while absorbing  views of never ending sea is what my soul needs!


I hope YOU have a chance to visit Maine if you have a chance.



All My Best,

Heart and Soul❤️

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