School Moments That Matter






Upon entering the school door, you just never know what emotions you’ll come across that day!  There are happy beaming faces with rosy cheeks. Sometimes you will encounter somber and crying faces. Then there’s the excited gleaming children with a twinkle in their eyes. A deluge of  emotions can sometimes be packed into one school day. Sometimes a kind word and smile will fix it. Sometimes not. It’s our job to reassure children that all will be okay.


I can’t promise that I’ll totally fix what’s wrong or make it go away. I do know I can listen and sympathize. Then I go home and on my terms, I pray. I pray for that little one and their school career. I hope that his or her life will end up being beautiful and blessed by God. Sometimes that’s all I can do but it’s enough.




Just yesterday my heart swelled with love and appreciation for my job at school. Like any vocation, it has it’s tough stressful times and like others, I persevere because most of  the time I truly love what I do. At day’s end I went to the office to ” punch out” when a little boy in Kindergarten saw me and beamed the biggest smile, lighting up like a Christmas tree. ” Hi Mrs. Blowey!” That special energetic greeting uplifted me, reminding me why I do what I do at school.


Kindergarten students are the most excited when they see you out of your element. If shopping at Wal- mart with their parents and they see me, outstanding smiles grow and even one little boy asked me one day, ” Why are you here and not at school?” This reminds me of a book I read with some of my groups about the teacher sleeping at school. Does she sleep at her desk? Does she sleep in the gym? No, she sleeps at home in her bed!


It’s the moments kids come running up to you in the classroom, begging to come see me  to work. I think most of them  love being singled out, one on one attention to get work done and squeeze a little meaningful conversation as well.




This job is a magnificent blessing in my life, a chance to try to make a difference in a child’s day. A chance to positively affect lives in the smallest way. At the end of the day, these precious moments actually mean more than the paycheck and that’s why I work at a school.


6 thoughts on “School Moments That Matter

  1. Like you I too enjoy working at school. I love the energy from the students. They have a way to put a smile on your face. Continue doing what you are doing. Inspire them to become who they were created to be.

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