Sowing Seeds Soon!

imageimageimageAfter months of dreaming of green plants and veggie growth, the time is almost at hand! Tom tilled our garden last weekend, slow and steady like the farmer I mentioned awhile ago. Black flies hovered viciously and fed on us, yet this sudden bug fest will pass and the quiet peaceful days in the garden will remain.

A pungent, fresh aroma of cut grass hangs in the air, smelling of melon. The  New England air feels warmer , a nice invitation to garden planting. This Memorial weekend ,as squawky and chirping birds flutter about, we will play in the rich soil and plant.


Are you planting soon or have you already started your garden? Whatever it is, dig deep in the peace and be grateful for this old practice of feeding your family!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️



4 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds Soon!

  1. Only in my imagination has my sowing been done. Hopefully one day I will be able to do that until then I will enjoy the view from others.

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