A Crafty Centerpiece

This idea was taken from Pinterest com
My version of a Graduation centerpiece, with trimming left to do on picture. You get the idea.





As many of you know, I just posted my window box project. Lately a craft tendency runs in my veins! I truly relish dabbling with different projects, such as transforming a vintage ruler to a  cork board display for pictures. ( I will post that soon!) My newest plan is crafting centerpieces. While browsing Pinterest a few months ago, a certain centerpiece came into my view and I knew adamantly that I was going to make them for my son’s graduation party. The last graduation party we had for D, my mother in law, Theo made the centerpieces. They were bottles covered in foil with decorative sparkly tinsel in them. They were cool and unique.




Years ago I possessed different sizes of canning jars in my lost pursuit of canning and gave them away shortly after. The search for mason jars was on. If I didn’t find any locally, my sister in law Bev had some I could have, but we live a distance from each other. While pondering over how I was going to acquire jars, a bright idea visited me to check at home first. In my intensive search I found some unique jars ( not necessarily mason jars) in different cabinets. There was a cobalt blue jar with handles, which held a small candle. A matching glass jar, but clear color, would serve as a centerpiece. The only problem was the Christmas motif on one side, forcing me to problem solve and decide to create class of 2016 and Congratulations labels. A label would cover that perfectly! An old mason jar was on my kitchen counter holding wooden spoons and metal utensils. Lastly Under my kitchen sink I discovered a cool tall embellished jar that would be a fantastic addition.


The next step is getting small rocks to fill the jars. Then choose favorite photographs and cut to size, frame or adhere to cardboard or heavy card stock. Attach to dowels ( these can be found at craft stores or at Wal-mart). Place the mounted pictures in jars….I chose two to a jar. Next I fixed my computer generated labels to the jars. The last step is tying the raffia bows around the jars to give them the rustic look.



The finished product

One of the centerpieces in a cobalt jar

This project was so much fun to do! It took me a few hours on different days to work on them. I spread it all out on my wooden bar in my kitchen, a great workspace. While peaceful music rang in the air, I created. Okay, I know they are just centerpieces, they are works of love to me!

If you desire to make similar centerpieces, you will need:

  • Mason jars or  unique jars of varying sizes
  • Rocks gathered from outside or bought at crafts store
  • dowels
  • favorite pictures cut into large or small sizes
  • cardboard or heavy card stock
  • tissue paper to cover back of pictures
  • tape to adhere pictures to dowels ( I used masking because it’s heavy duty)
  • Raffia to tie ribbon
  • Computer generated labels, made to fit occasion

Until next time, craft away with your heart and soul.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️





6 thoughts on “A Crafty Centerpiece

  1. cool and a whole lot of fun! The best part of it is the surprising number of treasures we find in our own homes to create, if we only look for it! am already digging out all the corners of my house!

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  2. what size pictures do you use for the graduation jar sticks? What size is the background construction paper which borders it? I can’t find anything smaller than 4×6 and those seem too big for a regular mason jar. thank you


    1. Hi Maria, I took my photo and measured the background paper roughly with a 1 inch border. The paper is scrapbook paper and I cut it to border my photo. You can use a utility knife or sharp scissors. I also used the same size cardboard so it wouldn’t be floppy. I hope I helped you! I did this about 3 years ago so I do t completely remember everything. Good luck!😁


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