It’s From My Heart and Soul

I published this in May of last year and I just stumbled upon it once again. I’m going to repost this as it speaks volumes of self esteem and  pouring oneself into writing as therapy. All of these words still hold true to me and I wish that you can find therapy and healing in creativity, in whatever forms you create. Whether it be writing, painting or drawing, gardening, baking….it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you DO these things to heal your life scars. 


When I started this blog journey, one of the first tasks to tackle was choosing a pen name. Now this isn’t an easy feat, there are considerable factors to take in account. The challenge is to create a name with a positive message, one that symbolizes my writing and something to take seriously, but last but not least a pen name that accurately depicts my nature.



All my life I’ve felt the sheer joy of penning my emotions, my far reaching dreams and loves of my life. Journals were tucked away in drawyers, not being read by anyone but me.If I would describe myself I would say sensitive, passionate about what I believe in, and a woman acting with heart and soul in everything I do.




This appealed to my inner being and soul because it’s me…

Photo taken from Sweet n Sassy Chics





Life hasn’t been always been a storybook for me as I’ve had my deep struggles and insecurities that I’ve tried to overcome with learning about myself. Growing up, that intense self doubt and uncertainty about my place in the world shaped my unhappiness. No matter what I did, I always resorted back to being unhappy and low self esteem hung over me like a dark cloud.






Through all that pain, I wrote. I wrote of my insecurities and worries. Penning my deepest emotions and pouring my heart and soul into my writing was therapeutic for me. It aided me during the hardest times and a heartbreak that I thought I would never recover from. These are all the firm reasons I chose Heart and Soul…for my heart and soul is what I share in every word.You’ll never read a lie or something that didn’t take up place in my heart and soul. I firmly believe it is the right pen name for me!




As I share the hard times with you, I can honestly say my life is simply wonderful now. My self image grows stronger every day as I continue on this journey with my heart and soul. I believe that if you set your mind on being happy and trusting in God, you will change your life for the good. Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams! Make sure you live true to your heart and soul!




All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


A Peaceful Influence

A small but significant reflection to consider today and everyday is that people will unconsciously pull you into their firestorm. Get far away from the heat, avoid drama and don’t get sucked in. We all know people or coworkers who deal the negative card. It’s not their fault, life has cruelly happened and circumstances may have scarred them and they lash out in negative behavior. The best thing you can do is be their friend, lend a helping hand, listen closely. Be a positive force in their life.



Picture from



That kind word you spoke today or the powerful hug you gave with no restrictions may have meant the world to someone. You never really know how you’re influencing another life. Keep living and breathing the positive, spread good vibes where ever you may roam. If everyone practiced this, imagine how peaceful our world, country, community and home will become!



Written with Peace 🤘

All My Best,

Heart and Soul❤️

Spring Point Ledge Light




Are you a lover of the sea and its hypnotizing powers? Do you relish in the lure of a rocky walk with  a far reaching view of a bay? If you answer yes, then you may want to check out Spring Point Ledge on the Southern Maine Community College campus in South Portland, Maine.


My husband and son on a challenging walk of granite slabs .
A beautiful view of Springpoint from the campus.






Our son D attended Southen Maine Community College in South Portland in 2014. It was the first and last college he scoped out. The location was beyond stunning! D has always loved the  Atlantic ocean when we’ve visited it over the years. He majored in Automotive Technology and eagerly signed up for the college baseball team.





The campus overlooks stunning Casco Bay.This campus was Fort Preble at one time and by studying the buildings and classrooms, it’s obvious. The buildings are constructed of brick and inside classrooms are aged and plain. What makes Southern Maine Community College stand out is the location, something that appealed to our son, as well as the baseball team!






When exploring the campus, follow the seaside paths to breathtaking views of the bay and a spacious Willard beach just below. A manicured trail with various plants and rose bushes paves the way to a set of benches. Sit down and breathe in the salty air, watch the seagulls dive into the water and gaze at lines of boats caressing the waves.




Walking to the lighthouse you spot sailboats gliding in the distance and seagulls swooping to and fro. Tourists and college parents soak in the peacefulness as they snap photos of it all. Peering in a handy set of binoculars, one can see a distant building that resembled an old fort.





If you visit, park in the college parking lot. There’s a short walk through the array of quaint buildings that leads you to the bay. A bench or two invite a little picnic or just a pit stop to gaze at the surroundings. Walk the rocky path to Spring Point Ledge lighthouse and travel back in time.




Writing this makes me miss Maine and our annual mini vacations there! Here’s to strongly hoping that it happens this year…basking in the warm glow of the sun, burying toes in the gritty sand while absorbing  views of never ending sea is what my soul needs!


I hope YOU have a chance to visit Maine if you have a chance.



All My Best,

Heart and Soul❤️

Garden Planning






May is suddenly upon us, the time of year gardeners are itching to plant and start their growing quest of the perfect veggies. ( of course they strive for that but we all know perfect isn’t reachable).  Just yesterday I passed by a farmer tilling his garden. I chuckled to myself, spotting high rubber boots and coveralls on him and the look of determination as he worked. He is the very first soul I’ve seen tilling this year and will stay in my thoughts through the season. Soon my husband will tread that slow, determined walk, slowly tilling our soil for rejuvenated rebirth.






Every year my ambitious gardening regiment commences with a visit to the metal file cabinet. You may wonder about this…file cabinet? Yes, pulling out my gardening brown paper folder is the first step. Tucked safely inside is last years plan. By perusing at the plot and position of vegetables, I’m making sure plants get shuffled. Because many plants deplete the soil of valuable nutrients, it’s wise to rotate crops.






It’s also paramount to practice religiously companion planting. Companion planting is the art of planting crops that grow well together, like tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers compliment each other. Peppers are companions with carrots, onions, eggplants and tomatoes. When you plant vegetables, make sure that you check what vegetables are toxic for each other such as peas with garlic and chives and avoid those placements. Sometimes veggies are not good neighbors and its up to you to learn which ones they are.





After I sketch my proposed garden it may change a few times before it is actually born. I have a right to change my mind, right? Then I browse the stores for organic seeds and start buying seeds for carrots, beans, lettuce, spinach or kale, radishes, herbs such as basil, oregano, chives, cilantro. Later this month I go to a nursery and shop for plants. The reason I do this is that New Hampshire growing season is short and I have to boost my time by buying saplings and love them tenderly to produce.








The nursery I love is about 45 minutes north of us, Sullivan’s Greenhouse in Lancaster, NH. The ride there( the back way) can be lovely by the river and peaceful. Everyone there is so happy and spirited and it turns out to be so much fun! You grab a cart and shop away, finding all your goodies. I also buy my annual flower plants there as well.






Lastly I usually wait until the first week of June to plant. If I plant too early, frost is likely and could kill my tender plants. By planting at this time, its just before school ends so within a week I can devote many hours to nurturing the garden. After all, this will be my family’s food for awhile…. some vibrant sun and cool rain showers, tender loving care and a little prayer will do wonders.




Have you planted your garden yet? What is your annual  planting tradition?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

Connecting Around the World

Picture taken from



When I jumped blindly into this hobby of blog writing I never dreamed how many foreign people I would connect with and learn from! The first month I established 500 views, all were from the United States, an achievement that I was truly proud of. It means very much to have family and friends read, post, and share my material to others!




Despite all this recognition, I was also hoping to connect with folks around the world. So I kept writing and sharing and reading others’ blogs and commenting (because there are so many wonderful blogs out there written by outstanding people) with hope in my heart that my country stats would change. (Check out The View from the Porch, Shades of Grace, the Canny Catnip Nook, Suzy Barker, A Leaf in Springtime, Life in Between to name a few. The rest of these special blogs are listed on my homepage!)





The second month I blogged I had a reader from Finland and I was on my way. Across the Atlantic, what an amazing feat! Then in March readers from the United Kingdom  saw my blog and then slowly other people from vast countries were reading and commenting.




I feel as though I’ve made valid connections with people and already learned of others cultures and how they are different from mine.  Yet we all share the principles that unite us…We all want to be understood, to be loved and to connect with readers and somehow make a difference in our writings, don’t we? These similarities and diversities are what makes us all unique! We are different but really the same!





I never have traveled the world and out of my borders twice, to Nova Scotia, Canada and Prince Edward Island. That’s it…yet through this wonderful “family” I’ve traveled to Finland, the United Kingdom, India, and Australia weekly. I’ve seen amazing pictures and read sweet prose that touched my heart! I simply can’t imagine connecting any other way and I wish to express my deepest gratitude for all of you and your insights!




Here’s a warm shout out to readers in  the United States, India, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Finland, and Canada! I am deeply grateful for you all and the time you’ve invested in my blog. For fellow blog writers, keep penning outstanding blog entries for me to indulge in every week. You’ve all made my life a better, richer one ! Thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart!❤️



All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

From the USA