Let it Go😉





It’s a lesson everyone learns at one time or another, yet not everyone listens to this advice. Some people spend their whole life trying to grasp every occurrence by controlling it or controlling what others do. Life isn’t about tightening your grip and dominating everything.





Some women I know are this way, including myself. My question is why are we this way? Is this the way we are certain all will be well by controlling events, and actions.  Is it necessary to live this way?  Do we really think we are in total control of everything, because just one being is, and that is God.


As the Frozen theme song drums in our mind. Let it go, let it go, throw unimportant things out the window. Don’t let it take space in your mind or heart. Let go of the need to plan or control every life moment!



I strongly believe the desire to be in charge of every life moment relates to fear, anxiety and worry, insecurities, and jealousy. It’s time to face it, better now than later, you don’t have complete control. No one does and it’s terrifying unless you believe in the good Lord. If you believe in Him, then place all your downfalls in His hands.


Let go of fear.



Let go of anxiety and worry.


Let go of insecurities and accept who you are and love yourself!


Let go of jealousy and trust others.


Simply let all hate go. I don’t hate anyone or anything except cancer that steals so many loved ones away. Hate is a strong word and breeds sickness and strife. Let go of hate. Hate deletes good from anything, instead give life to love and forgiveness.


We all need this pep talk now and then…a reminder to let toxic feelings go. Once you do this without restraint, notice how richer and sweeter life is. Just let it go.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


🎓🎓🎓 Here is a little note that next week I won’t be contributing to my blog….a busy exciting week awaits with Branden graduating from high school. Hang in there, for I’ll be back the week after with gardening and other crafty posts. I love you all, you all are the reason I look forward to writing and reading other blogs. God Bless You all.🇱🇷






6 thoughts on “Let it Go😉

  1. One of the first posts I’ve read in the morning… It has rejuvenated my mind and soul alike 🙂 congratulations to Brendan for his graduation and I’ll look forward to more posts from you 🙂 cheers

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