Change Can…

This past weekend our family attended and celebrated my son’s Graduation from high school. During the ceremony his good friend, Nolan spoke eloquently about change. That’s a true theme for graduations because if students like or not, change will happen. Most of the graduates plan to attend college and many away from their home state. Not only are their addresses changing, but life as they know it. No more mamas doing their dirty laundry or living in their oh so familiar bed. No more familiar faces they’ve spent their lives with.






The graduating class of 2016 facing change. My son in the front row, second man in.





Listening to Nolan intently, it inspired me to ponder over change. Over the last year our family has experienced it and will travel through the tunnel of transformation even more. In the summer months our son Dylan started living with his girlfriend, leaving an empty room but happy hearts for all. October rolled around and Tom’s sister and her husband sold their house, a mile away from ours. They moved to far away Florida , including my mother in law, to a new exciting life. Talk about drastic change, but I say this with a happy heart for them. Now Branden has graduated and will attend college 2 1/2 hours away from home. I predict that an empty house will remain, without busy teenagers and the ring of laughter…More change.




Yet, when we experience change great things happen! I believe that we grow to be better people and reach for successes we wouldn’t obtain without changing. When Dylan moved out, we all grew closer together. When Pam and Jim and Theo moved, they found a new thrilling life in sunny Florida, and we started living ” independently” without family. What I mean is that for so long I relied on my mother in law for advice, a partner on road trips, and many other events. With her moving away,although I have truly missed her, I started relying on myself. There was no crutch here for me to lean on, and I’ve grown because of this. I also made my first Thanksgiving meal by myself, something I never would have done otherwise. Lastly, during Branden’s big move I know my husband and I will have more time to spend together and grow closer. It won’t be about the boys anymore, my life focus for so long, because that’s what moms do. No, my focus  intent will be on our new life, after kids. Tom mentions that we may travel. We’ve always wanted to see Montana, Alaska, and I wish to explore the Carribbean islands. We may eat dinner in front of the tv because we can.





As change occurs, it feels like a powerful Mac truck hitting you with full force. But if you embrace life’s changes and go with the flow, you won’t regret it. Opportunities, friendships and out of the box ideas will surface and enhance your life! Without change, you won’t grow or strive for better. If you stand still and buck it, life will just be stagnant.


Consider this…


Change can….


liberate you,


inspire you,


bring people closer together,


create confidence,


and increase personal growth.



As high school graduates embrace this transformation, so can you. Do you have a big change in your life? If you are in dread of it, think about the positive outcomes instead of the negatives.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️




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