My Dad


My dad is a pretty remarkable man. I’ve never spoken these words or told him this but it’s certainly true! As a young child my dad worked a lot, supporting his family .I have precious memories that warm my heart. Poker chips on the picnic table and his firing up of the pungent charcoal grill are vivid memories ( to this day a whiff of this brings me back to my childhood and visions of my dad cooking upon it).  I remember tickling my dad when he took naps and he would pretend he was asleep and then wake up and laugh. I wonder if he remembers it or if he knows that meant a lot.



As this Fathers’s Day dawns upon us, I can’t help but think that my dad deserves staunch recognition for what he’s done. No, he hasn’t solved world hunger or climbed Mount Everest but these things  are just as valuable in society. He’s been a hard worker all his life, owning several grocery stores and then moved on to being a manager in an IGA store. He has always loved his family and did his best for us.




When I was young and starting out in my first apartment I got behind on bills and boldly chose to ask my dad for money. He flatly told me no without hesitation. Dad told me to get a second job to be able to swing it. I was hurt that he wouldn’t help me and my nose was disjointed for a bit. But as time marched on and I matured and looked back on his words, he taught me a valuable lesson. Clearly he wanted me to be independent and pass on his staunch work ethic. Needless to say, since that day I’ve never asked either of my folks for money. I’ve learned that budgeting comes into play and that paying your bills comes before play funds. This lesson I’ve passed down to my children. Encouraging them to work hard, save their money and paying bills is a lesson I had to learn






Another spectacular quality my dad sports is his positive attitude. Years ago, he earned the nickname, Top shelf. It was an easy fit as his answer to any question of how he us doing is, top shelf. He faces his diabetes with courage and it doesn’t get him down. When he and Corinne couldn’t go to Florida in winters anymore because of the financial burden, he still was on the top shelf. Although he missed the warm weather and golfing, he made it work. Instead of complaining, he developed his wood working projects and sold them to many people.










The Doyle family of West Fairlee, Vermont. Back row my Uncle Jim, my grandfather William, grandmother Irene, my dad David. Front row my Aunt Joan, Uncle Pete, Aunt Pat and Uncle Larry.

My dad and an example of his work





As a grown woman and mom myself, I stay in awe of my dad’s strength and passion for life. He maintains a beautiful garden, builds fascinating wood products, goes golfing, but most of all he loves his family. Maybe he doesn’t always say it, but the conversations, phone calls, time spent with him says it all.



On this day I pay a profound tribute to my dad because he has grown into an even better dad than ever. I cherish the times with him and I continue to learn about life from him.

Happy Father’s Day to all the hard working and family loving men, including my amazing husband, Tom.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

4 thoughts on “My Dad

  1. What a loving, beautiful, heartfelt way of wishing your dad 🙂 your father sounds like a man with heart and soul too!!! It’s amazing that you recognize all the sacrifices he made in life so you could live a happy life!
    And his wood work looks amazing! Such a talented man 🙂 wish him a very Happy Father’s Day on my behalf…

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