Wacky Gardening Weather

Proud pumpkin patch in the early days





A Gardeners’ nemesis is the uncontrollable weather. I would imagine southerners fight the blazing heat, while we New Englanders get a mixed bag. Here, one never knows if it will be sunny or snowy, even in June. As most years, planting my garden requires close attention to the weather forecast and a little prayer doesn’t hurt!





Every year, after planting I tend to the fragile saplings as if they are baby cubs and I am the mama bear. I rush to defend them against the wind, cold or terrific sunshine. The first few weeks are touch and go, definitely not a good time to vacation. I keep a close eye on the plants, water everyday the first few days ( unless it rains) and fight the war of thriving weeds. A couple of weeks in, the seeds sprout and tiny green plants emerge and reach up to the sun in the heavens.





Once I decided to plant the trusty plot, our weather became hot with temperatures reaching the 80’s. Anyone in northern New Hampshire will tell you that spring sometimes skips the cool and pleasant weather and plunges into the heat of summer. With scorching sunshine and humidity, the plants need a good watering every day. My tomatoes weren’t looking the best and I secretly wished for ideal conditions for their growth, a mix of pleasant weather with rain a few times a week.





A couple of weeks later, torrents of rain and cold temperatures in the 40’s at night visited us. One extreme to the other…that’s how it is here and a gardener must be patient! So I tended the plot the best I could and didn’t bother to cover it, since it wasn’t freezing yet.


Now on June 21st, it is officially summer as of yesterday. The majestic sun and valuable warmth is upon us once again. As I water every evening and see slow progress, I can’t help wondering what wacky weather we will receive next. The blankets and sheets await in the shed, if needed.


Heres a shout out to all gardeners and their patience with Mother Nature! We certainly can’t control the weather but we can perform miracles despite it all!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul❤️
















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