Who’s that Kitty in the Window?

Beautiful Smokey



This peaceful kitty with a sleek coat of ebony, enjoying his perch.






A lazy afternoon of walking the yard and visiting my flowers coaxed my kitty Smokey out of his daily slumber.I have three window boxes in front of the livingroom and one in my kitchen. This black cat with gray stripes started at one end and curiously shadowed my every move, window to window.





Smokey’s thinking its time to water these posies!


It was quite comical because as I nursed my flowers on the outside, he talked to me through the screen on the inside.  This lovely mister encouraged me with his perpetual meows.Smokey continued to meow with a whining cry and smell the fragrance wafting from the box. He made sure I knew of his presence and kept talking to me the only way he could.






Im not sure if many cats like leafy greens, but Smokey does! He’s a true garden lover and would snatch any leaf or flower bud, if he could. His favorite snacks  are spinach and lettuce. Maybe that’s why he has a keen interest in the window boxes, unless he’s downright nosy! Either way I truly enjoy his company and this cat amuses me!









Until next time, simply watch your pets and relish in their presence.  They are special and should be cherished for their unique personalities!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

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