Crafty Ideas

A present made by beautiful Alexis, a true special soul and artist
Use twine or burlap to dress up glass bottles, jars or containers. I use this in my bathroom.


One of my favorites that Dad made years ago. Can you see the love he puts into his work?
A wood working project that my Dad made me of our home state, New Hampshire. Dad makes many states too.



My favorite made by my mom




I found this craft on Pinterest. I had an old ruler and a welcome sign with  strawberries and Welcome friends wording. Alongside one of my mom’s paintings. She’s an artist too and I have a few of her paintings.






Lately my crafty side has surfaced….I think it all started when I made graduation centerpieces. During the process I shopped for materials, twine, craft paper, and raffia. Isn’t it so much fun to shop for materials and then bring them to life in a special piece of art? What I want to share with you is all the art around me in my family, art from my son’s girlfriend Alexis, my mom’s paintings, my dad’s wood projects, and mine.




The materials needed for the ruler cork board project are wine corks, an old ruler, little wooden signs are optional, a glue gun and glue sticks. When you approach the ruler picture holder, it may take a half hour to an hour. The real time is gluing the corks on the ruler. First, I added little signs that said welcome…I took these off a decrepit decoration I had, recycling it and giving it new life. I glued the signs on how I wanted them. You don’t need these but if you like them, buy little wood decorations at a craft to store to paint. Next I laid my ruler on my kitchen bar to operate with the corks. It can be tricky to adhere the corks, especially plastic ones. I was determined to do it and it took a few times for them to really stay! Let glued corks set for a day with heavy weights on them. After that, I was ready to hang up favorite photos with decorative push pins on it.




My husband drove a small nail on the top to the wall I chose. A word of advice, don’t  display it in a heavy traffic area because it jostle the corks off….this happened to mine. In the end I decided to hang it in a quiet corner of the kitchen. It’s the perfect spot and no one has upset it yet.


Crafting is fun and a chance to practice  your creative side! Check out the site Pinterest for thousands of crafts. Choose your project. Write down a list of needed materials and go shopping for them. Allow yourself enough time to work and if you concentrate with soft music playing, do this. Lastly have fun and enjoy yourself!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

3 thoughts on “Crafty Ideas

  1. a very cool idea! the burlap looks very nice. tempted me to try something quickly. Usually I use up pretty old bottles of expensive whisky etc. by putting a water plant in them. But this idea sounds even better, thank you Mary

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