The Solidarity of Moms


This is so true, once a mom, always one! Taken from Facebook Joyofmom page.



Just the other day I became sappy and emotional when my mom and I dropped off my son to college orientation for an overnight. Of course it was after we said goodbye to Branden and he joined the freshman group. Up stepped a well dressed and classy looking college staff member. She  saw my slight distress and encouraged me, even though she was a  total stranger. Yet, we shared a common bond that united us right away…we are moms!



Moms share a bond at soccer or baseball games, on busy playgrounds,at school academic events and proud Graduations. In neighboring kitchens they vent about difficulties of child rearing. These essential connections brings peace , resolution and friendship during times of wondering what the  rights and wrongs of parenting are.  If you are a mom and have experienced beautiful and difficult times, you are a staunch member of the club.




If you’re in the mom club you want to share your birth story first and  then update other moms on the current crisis. You yearn to talk to moms  and give motherly advice on current behaviors but most important, listen to others! Most moms encourage each other and give never ending love and support to those who need it.  That firm sticking together is the solidarity that presents itself everywhere. That’s what moms do!




Most moms care and love with a genuine heart. Their desire is to have their offspring deeply loved, taken care of, accepted and happy. A labor of love exists, always caring and tending to the children to be fine young adults and then mature adults. I am no different than this, the mom legacy runs through my veins and I’m a proud member of this club and will be until the day I die.This club is a way of life, putting others before you and with hope and staunch prayers, guiding our children and someday grandchildren to a good life. There will be ups and downs, coasting here and there but one thing will remain true, a mother’s love .


From the time mothers plunge into childbirth( with passionate and loyal feelings) to the day our young reach 18, we dutifully raise them in preparation for the day. All the years of saying yes or no and trying preparations leads to a finish line.The grand finale of all finish lines…when the joyful teens feel free! Our little boys and girls grow up overnight and fly like wandering butterflies to new places, to college or work with a desire to start anew! We moms may cry behind closed doors and those salty tears may be a goodbye to child rearing but also a content cleansing of renewal. When my young men start their new life, I will continue to pray for them from the sidelines and dry my tears.






As a new naive mom I didn’t have the confidence or knowledge to be perfect, but I grew. Like other moms, I made mistakes, tried different things and found my niche. Most moms are doing the best they can with what they know. There will be times of screwing up but they move on and learn from it.




As I enter this new exciting chapter of motherhood, I thank God for the solidarity that got me through!  I am grateful for all the wonderful support of family and some friends who guided me throughout! Someone said it takes a village to raise a child and so is the same for moms and their growth.  It takes a family, friends and network of devout moms to support a healthy mom. We all know a healthy mom creates centered children!



Do you have or had a strong network of moms while child raising? I do hope so!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️














8 thoughts on “The Solidarity of Moms

  1. I was just talking with a neighbor about the experience of taking our first born to the college he decided on two states away. (many years ago) Before we made that road trip I was in a card shop and scanning the cards I saw the “Goodbye” section and had a melt down. Such interesting and strong emotions. Our 3 are all in their 30’s now and doing well. That was nice of the college staff person to reach out with encouragement.

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    1. Ellen, I can see how that meltdown could happen. I paused before we left and felt tears coming and that’s when the nice lady stepped up. We are so blessed to have other moms for support! Thank you for stopping by and posting your thoughts!😎


  2. Such an emotional time. Although long ago I still remember the first few weeks after each of my children left home like it was yesterday. Forcing myself to enter their empty rooms and sit while thinking of all the memories we had made over the years. As they begin their new chapters and begin to share their new experiences it becomes a little easier 😎 We all need support at different stages in our lives. Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I can imagine how you felt when entering their rooms, Pam! It is an emotional but exciting change of life! I really don’t look forward to leaving him but yet I know it will get easier. I have so much to look forward to with Tom. As usual thank you for reading and posting your thoughts!❤️😎


  3. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing, especially about your network – I’m touched. I’m not a mom and yet I give a lot in service (and I was a stepmom for a number of years). I relate to the giving of my heart. Anyway, I support you in your motherhood, and many blessings to you and your family. 🙂

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