Wonder Woman👠


Taken from Davidavocado Wolfe on Facebook



A busy woman’s day, rushing here and there to work.


She leaves work but in her mind she thinks


she must not forget


to pack the sunscreen


folding chairs


and her son’s Gatorade


and then head to the baseball game until 6:00.


Leave the game


charge home


to serve a full course meal served at 6:30.


Soon after scrub dishes until they shine


do a load or two of laundry


go to bed and get up to repeat over again.


Does this sound familiar?



Women and moms multi task throughout the day, doing laundry while gabbing on the phone and paying bills and writing grocery lists. Then it’s time to feed our families while laundry thumps in the dryer, as well as feeding the cats with crunchy dry food. All the while  we are trying to remember what is next on the to do list!



Because of the scurrying rush of constant chores, women start to wonder.This is a true story! I know because it happens to me! I’ve heard women chatting about this absent mindness.  They wonder where the keys are and oh, where is their purse? Why did they walk into the next room? They wonder when that appointment is that they didn’t jot down? Was that bill paid last week?



Women race through their to do list, not always knowing what they are doing or what’s next. All in all, everything gets done in a wild frenzy of hurry , yet everyone seems content in the home. ADHD kicks in and so many chores remain that we really don’t know what to do next! But we know in our hearts that we must do something, such is a woman’s busy life of go-go-go!



Do you ever take a day off and luxuriously settle into a comfty chair just to think….I wonder what I do now? This doesn’t feel right… I better get up to do something important! A woman’s job is never done and I wonder if it ever was, what I would do then?




The wondering game of being a busy woman and the hysterics of it all crack me up! I wonder if…

All My Best,

Heart and Soul❤️



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