An Unwelcome Visitor




It is with a broken heart that I share with you the story of the unwelcome visitor. In ten years of gardening at two different New Hampshire locations we have never have had such an terrible experience!  It had cleaned out my broccoli in a day and a half!





Every morning I prudently work in the garden while absorbing the sunshine glow and nature rewards. This is  good for my soul! Most of  the time I walk through again in the afternoon, when the sun shifts a bit. This particular day all was well in my humble plot as the sun warmed the earth.





I left the yard to prepare supper and do dishes after, maybe a couple hours in all.After supper my husband, son and I were talking in the yard when I noticed scalped broccoli plants. From a distance it almost looked like a heavy wind had toppled the plants. With a double take and a shot of disbelief , I ran to the garden. All that remained was the main stalk and a few leaves here and there!




Before I could even digest what happened, the next morning we noticed the unwelcome visitor dropped in again. A few more leaves were chomped on with no sign of tracks. Tom thinks it may be a small animal like a weasel, something that’s living near our pond.




So the story doesn’t end here, as more questions arise than answers! All I know is that a row of food has been wiped out and my heart is broken in the process. From this point on we are planning a fence. Until it’s finished I’ll scatter pepper to deter the hungry visitor and read up on possible animals.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️





7 thoughts on “An Unwelcome Visitor

      1. Yes, the growing season is short. I won’t have time to start broccoli from a seed but if I wanted to I could search stores and buy more broccoli plants. It’s late so they probably will be all sold.


  1. Oh my gosh, such heartbreaking news. As a gardener myself, my heart bleeds for you. All that time and work and effort, to have been destroyed. Lesson learned I guess, you definitely need to get that fence up pronto 🙂

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