My Garden Thief !😝







Recently I’ve written about an unknown animal scalping my broccoli plants. We speculated it was a deer or a small animal but couldn’t find a trace of footprints. Just today while walking across my cool grass lawn, the thief appeared!


Suddenly I spied a large woodchuck with lots of brown fur and a fat body traipsing along my tomato plants. This pudgy guy wasn’t tiptoeing through the tulips! No wonder it’s so flabby from eating all my broccoli! I bet it was longing for red ripe fruit to snack on but instead it got a power shock , when I ran full force across the lawn! Harassing and hollering, “Get out!”, I managed to scare it away from my planted sisters. It ran as fast as it could through the tall grass on the back side of the pond.


Now I really need a fence! Tom….I’ll add it to my to do list and I love you too.

Hopefully to be not continued….

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


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