A Prayer Jar 🙏

I first heard of a similar idea from Elizabeth Gilbert but this photo was taken from Pinterest.





While living life as a good Christian, I feel the need to write down my prayers as well as voice them. During the school year I hear of stories of suffering from Cancer and tragedies, to the point that I felt overwhelmed! Yet the answer to being overwhelmed by strife and pain is to simply pray. Prayers heal our soul and send a message of love and faith in  God.





Being overloaded with prayer requests throughout the year led me to problem solving. Why not write down my prayers in a small notebook,but continue to voice them as well. Better yet, why not create a prayer jar? I found this brilliant idea on Pinterest! Acquire a jug or jar with a wide mouth and lid. Decorate it as you wish. Voice your prayers with resolve, then jot them down on paper and deposit in the prayer jar.




On New Year’s Eve read the prayer requests from all year and be amazed how God worked wonders, in many ways. He works for our favor, in small and huge circumstances and you must be looking for signs or you may miss it! Sometimes God doesn’t answer prayers right away or in the way you expect, but it’s for good reasons.





However you pray or what time of day doesn’t matter, just that you do. Writing prayers down helps me sort all them out. I especially like the prayer jar idea, a chance to see all the prayers for the year and how they were answered in different ways. I’m still looking for the right jar to start this. In the meantime I’ll continue to jot prayers in my book and say them day and night.





As I write this, I will keep you and your families in my prayers. Please comment with prayer requests if needed.

With many Blessings…

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️





4 thoughts on “A Prayer Jar 🙏

  1. I like the prayer jar idea. I have a prayer notebook right now with headings like critically ill, heart issues, addictions, chronic pain, widows, etc.

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