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When shopping at my local grocery store last week, something interesting happened. A long train of shoppers with parked carts surrounded the deli counter. Suddenly a man stepped up behind me and approached the ticket dispenser. He went to take a number but nothing came out. I knew right away that he either wasn’t from around here or he never shopped at this store before.I piped up and said they really didn’t use that system here and that it was for stores down south. If you frequent Market Basket further south of us ( a few hours away) this ticket system is the norm. There people don’t hesitate to step up to take a number. It’s a larger city with more population than our town.





Once you take a number it all goes downhill. What I mean is that I don’t want to be reminded of the wait and it feels cold and heartless. I’m just a number? Number 93, what would you like today? Well, for starters I’d rather be number 1 and to make it personal, my name is Mary.



Take a number, that’s definitely not a north country tradition! You’re more than a number, it’s an insult otherwise! You see, I’m used to shopping in a small north country store where the workers know me as a person, not as a number. They remember what I get every week and continue conversations from the week before. It feels like we are old friends. If I have to start taking a number, it may become business like and maybe we won’t be able to chat. It’s impersonal and it may resemble big boxed store .




After all this take my ticket rejection, guess what happened this week? While shopping at the deli, I was finally told to take a number! It must be the busy Fourth of July mob of tourists who drove Shaw’s Supermarket to do it! I took a number and giggled, because you just never know what will happen once you start thinking about things.



I cautiously predict that the ticket system will fail, simply because our town is so small and there will not be a need for it! Just a few of my thoughts on taking a number and I would rather not be just a number but a person. Just sayin’.

Do you have to take a number at your local grocery store? How do you feel about it? Am I just being silly about this?


All My Best,

Heart and Soul❤️



9 thoughts on “Take a Number ?

  1. Not in the grocery store but when we enter a clinic for blood, x-ray, some colleges do it also. It’s may seem impersonal but it keeps order. For once your number is called you must give your name and other details. This system is just for order. We all would be rather known by our names, but the number shouldn’t prevent you from communicating with others.

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  2. In my city we have a number at one of the most popular and very old hotel where the food is so good that there is always a very long line! sometimes you wait for an hour and yet people go there and wait! the lunch and the dinner is reasonably priced with a very generous platter of food! that is the only place where I don’t mind a number! Plus they also take our name which makes it better!

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  3. We have take a number machines at a local butcher shop, 31 flavors (ice cream), the eye glasses counter at Costco and other places like that. I don’t mind them when my number is a short wait. 🙂

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  4. We do have to take numbers pretty much at any deli or meat counter at every store around here. It actually works out fairly well because there are some people who just don’t know what a line is and figure they can just pipe up and be the next person in line whenever they please. When you try to say something about the fact that they weren’t next they literally become indignant. It’s unbelievable how rude some people can be. I do hate the fact that sometimes I am reminded that there is a real long wait, when I’m number 67 and they are only on 45, but sometimes I meet some great people while waiting and it helps the time go much faster.

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