Tomato Transformation🍅



This is a look at my tomatoes before and after process.





A few short weeks ago my tomato plants were in deep trouble. The combination of hot sun and dry conditions or too much water from me brought them to a dangerous condition. Their leaves were crinkly and brown and resembled diseased plants I’ve had in the past. With my delicious spaghetti sauce in jeopardy, I had to think and act fast!




I took a chance and literally stopped watering the tomatoes. I did! It was a guessing game if the watering was the problem. For days I cringed as inspecting the tender plants and testing the soil each day. Tom taught me how to do this and it’s quite simple. A few inches away from your plant, stick your finger down into the soil a few inches. Believe it or not, just because the top surface is dry doesn’t mean it lacks water or moisture. What matters is the soil underneath where the roots are. Once you test it, see how the dirt is. If it feels dry and sandy, it definitely needs water. If it’s moist and dark, then it’s sufficient for the time being. Just check regularly, especially if it’s hot weather with no rain.




For a few days I had to stop spying on my tomatoes because their condition not only broke my heart but made me feel like a failure. I even questioned myself, could I really raise these plants with healthy fruits? Days passed…with my full attention on my window boxes( I’ll post an updated picture for you at the end of the post) and the rest of my garden, snubbing the tomatoes without a look.



One day  I was ready to face their prognosis and cautiously approached the tomatoes. Already I had made up my mind to accept what their condition was. Either I would sing with glory or cry while uprooting them.  Immediately I noticed the difference! It was as if my abandonment was tough love and it worked. The tomatoes were transformed to green and  healthy with lush leaves. They had grown inches upon inches, reaching fully to the sun with eagerness and renewal! They made it without me!




I realize now that my over watering regiment was handicapping them from growth and I made the right decision to walk away. They didn’t need me to grow but sufficient sun and  a few hours of rain. I’m tremendously grateful of this lesson, to let go and let the plants do their job. If they need a little water, I’ll be there faithfully but if not, I’ll leave it up to them. Gardening has boundaries and if you water too much, you can kill your veggies with kindness.



How are your tomato plants growing? I invite you to share your stories and pictures. I truly hope they are bountiful and healthy!




All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

I must say how lush and healthy my window boxes are! Three out of four boxes have petunias creeping down and bicopa as a swag on the corners. I am very pleased and proud of their progress!

7 thoughts on “Tomato Transformation🍅

  1. My tomatoes had the exact opposite problem — too little watering. I was watering just enough and the leaves began curling and turning leathery. Nothing brown or yellow. They were bright green but folded in on themselves almost like a cocoon. I removed rocks and mulch from around many of them and then watered everything twice a day. Now mine are finally starting to come back. New growth is coming in full and uncurled and even some of the curling leaves are uncurling. I bought a moisture meter to help me keep track of when I should be watering, which turned out should have been a lot more.

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