Fenced In Peace



Most of you may have read my previous post of a critter invading my garden plot. A woodchuck heartily devoured a whole row of broccoli, leaving behind a scant amount of broken leaves and the stem in the ground. Luckily my dad gave us some metal fencing ( similar to chicken wire but much more sturdy ) a few weeks ago. We were visiting him and my stepmom and the conversation touched on deer and other animals getting into gardens. He proceeded to his garage and showed us a spool of metal fencing and said we could have it.






Sunday afternoon Tom and I worked together to put up the fence. As a team, it went up easy and it was gratifying to see the results. We ran out of fencing to do the whole garden but it’s a good start. When we can, we’ll buy more fencing and totally box it in. In the meantime I have dowels with string strung around the border, hopefully enough to deter our furry hungry friend. I also sprinkled pepper around the borders.




Somewhere once I heard that fences keep peace.This fence keeps peace and goodness in, resembling a nature sanctuary. In the beginning it was to keep wild ones out but now it serves a bigger purpose.  It’s a closed in place to go to think, dream and work. My garden is already get away but now, fenced in, its even more! Is that crazy?





The day after the fence installation, it was a bright sunny morning with promise of a nice day. While I was busily weeding in my garden, I felt the ultimate tranquility within the boundaries of the fence. This fenced in plot is filled with happiness as I work with a steady passion. It’s a haven of goodness with bright green living plants, providing veggies for our family.



Besides a store of vital organic food, it fills my cup. It’s the best therapy you can receive. My fenced in garden is a peaceful place to retreat to when the chaos of the world gets me on overload. A garden is an escape from everyday problems and worries.




If you are able to, try your hand at gardening. You can start small, plant in little cans in a bright window or start with a plot on your land. If you live in an apartment, try planting on your building roof or your outside deck. It doesn’t matter where it is or what size, as long as you spend time gardening. Enjoy the escape and promising world it introduces you to.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️🌺

5 thoughts on “Fenced In Peace

  1. Love hearing about your garden. Even though since moving to Florida I have a small yard I still enjoy getting out there and tending to the flowers and shrubs. Always a feeling of accomplishment when done 😎

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  2. I agree, gardening really calms the soul. Even for all the challenges it brings, the rewards are fulfilling. I too enjoy my fenced in gardens. Somehow they seem more personal or private. Not really sure what it is, but it’s like entering a new world every time I take down the gate.

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  3. Gardening has so many rewards. My middle married kids are the gardeners in our family. We enjoy the results of their garden. Glad you got that free fencing and are enjoying the peace of your garden.

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    1. its wonderful your children share with you, I will share this year with my son and his girlfriend who are on their own and some neighbors and coworkers. Thank you for reading and commenting, it means a lot!💗


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