Succulent Squash



A host of succulent squashes, a  couple of weeks ago.


This mornings view, making progress from a few weeks ago!

Welcome to squash street, a place in my garden where leaves sprout forth and long snake like vines stretch across the lane! Gorgeous green leaves, bigger than dinner plates that adorn the table, spread with natures goodness. If you look close enough you may notice the different unique shapes. The zucchini plant leaves resemble oversized oak leaves.They reach to the heavens for the purpose of soaking up the sun. Butternut squash leaves resemble big hearts, extending upon the vine, winding to and fro through the dirt plot. These blossoms are yet to emerge but this dedicated gardener awaits their springing forth!




Every year my sons scoff at the plentiful heap of zucchini on my counter, in the fridge, and  growing  non-stop in the patch . It’s a family joke that they always tell, that this will be the year to destroy those overbearing plants and rid us of the haunted zucchini! Despite the boys’ dislike of this mild mannered veggie, my husband and I enjoy having zucchini as a side dish or as a staple in chocolate zucchini bundt cake.( That’s another blog recipe I’ll share sometime)  The surplus has led me to befriend Pinterest to gather many special recipes using it.



As my little troll sleeps among the squashes, they grow with vim and vigor.
My promising pumpkin patch


This year I couldn’t find zucchini at the greenhouse. Could this be a sign? A changing year? With no zucchini in sight, I picked up a single plant of a different variety called gold zucchini. At this time in July, the leaves are full and lush as a few gold fingers poke out. I wonder what it will taste like, will it be similar to one of my favorites, summer squash? Whatever I find I’ll share with you.



Last year we had acorn squash, zucchini, summer squash, and many spaghetti squashes. I like a variety to cook with in different ways. This year I cut back and grew the one gold zucchini plant, summer squash, butternut squash and pumpkins. As I tenderly grow these succulent squashes,I envision mouth watering side dishes resting on my table.This season I’ve picked two small summer squashes, one to share with my niece Ella and one for us. I cooked it up in olive oil and herbs and it was delicious! Butternut squash is one of my favorite winter squashes so I excitedly look forward to tasting that first dish, while visions of summer squash stirfry and breaded fried squash entice me as well!





Lastly, our pumpkin patch, yet another squash, grows tremendously, with vines trailing out of its borders and on to the green grass lawn. I realize I didn’t plan enough room for the patch, but will cut it back soon, enough to keep at least 8 or 10 pumpkins. I may use a couple for pies and the rest of the lot will be October yard decorations and presents for my niece and son and his girlfriend’s apartment.




Looking ahead to next planting season, I’ve already decided this smaller garden will proudly house my herbs. It will be a convenient location, just a few feet away from our outside table and my kitchen. If I plant pumpkins again, it’s a possibility that they can grow near our compost pile bordering the woods. They definitely require more space than this tiny plot has.




Do you grow different varieties of squash? Does your family have a zucchini tradition or a long lasting joke?


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


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