A Thread of Hope





My daily ritual is reading fellow blogs and learning all about different interesting things. One common topic lately is the state the world is in and peoples’ feelings tied to it. Whenever my husband and I watch the news( which is less and less now) there is always war, chaos,shooting  violence within our country, tension and injustice. This is the reason I’ve boycotted being informed and go about my life without news. Critical stories will pop up on my Facebook feed but other than that I’m out of the loop.





Just a half hour ago and yet another violent attack  in Nice, France. I’m not sure if this killer was a terrorist, but either way he wreaked havoc on a celebration, killing many people, including innocent children. Everyday something horrific happens and it’s easy to become discouraged.





Despite an untamed and turbulent world we live in, we need to stay hopeful. It seems as if we all are holding on a thread of hope. Hope that terrorists cease to hurt and kill others and that they are defeated in their tracks. Hope that people of our world live peacefully in goodness and that  they can reach out to others to help  to spread kindness. Hope that we start hearing and seeing all the good that unfortunately gets overshadowed by evil. Hope that the media will show this good news as well as the bad.



As I age and reflect on the changes in the world, I am going to consciously work on strengthening this thread of hope. How can we focus on good? You can make a difference in your little corner of the world by being peaceful and helpful in your family, community, state and country. Live in such a peaceful manner, that others will follow your lead. If everyone in our communities and neighborhoods lived in positive way, wouldn’t it have to make a difference? Maybe I’m a dreamer… that we can fix this but it’s worth a try! I can do this with my profound faith in God and firm belief in peace.


Let’s not give up on hope in our world but spread peace and kindness, with good overcoming evil! I pray that in my lifetime I see less shootings on the news and terrorist attacks that are trying to frighten us into submission. I pray that my sons and their future families live in a world reigned by peace. My personal solution is to live in pure peace, without fear. I’m enveloping my home with warm and fuzzy kindness, spreading it through my neighborhood and small town. You can do this too, say no to fear, anger, hate and violence.



That’s all I can wish for, for peace.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️



6 thoughts on “A Thread of Hope

  1. It is indeed sad..I fail to understand the predicament of those who hurt others…and I get extremely depressed when I come across stories like those as well! I too, like you, have cut off contact with most things around me…I hate watching news too 😦

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