A Farmer From Long Ago



Digging in the same soil as a hundred years ago

a distant apparition of a lone farmer invades my thoughts.

While picking weeds and swatting away at hungry insects

I wonder if the farmer did the very same thing in the early 1900’s

Perhaps our gardening hopes and dreams are the same

The only thing that divides us

is a passage of time of over a century.

Long ago this farmer planted his crops here

maybe in the same spot or yards away in a different acre.

I wonder if he grew squash, potatoes and corn?

Did he fight the deer and woodchucks for his food with a resolve as I do?

Did he toil everyday in the dirt

and feel the sastifaction that he provided food on the table?

Did his wife and children work away between rows while busily chattering?

With distant thoughts and dreams,

I diligently tend to my garden

and feel this long ago connection.

The soil holds secrets of lost times

as earthy green plants continue to thrive.

I think of the farmer long ago

and of his distant story.

Did he love what he did with a driving passion

that showed in his demeanor

or was there a painful hate for this simple life with an eagerness to flee?

This land holds many stories of long ago

ancient tales that are locked away

and I will never know all of this

just that we shared this land!

It’s pretty amazing that this garden connects us, despite the passage of time.

Someday another soul will tend the plot

perhaps listening to my whispers in the wind.





All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


4 thoughts on “A Farmer From Long Ago

  1. what wonderful connecting thoughts. Definitely makes me think now too…. Even in my own small little garden on our little 3 1/2 acre plot in the world. What happened in this same spot hundreds of years ago??? And guess what?! Picked our first CUCUMBERS and at them in a salad for lunch today. Sweeter than candy! 🙂

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