People Who Cross Your Path

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I believe God places you in a person’s path for a reason. Maybe that’s who you needed ( and they needed you) at that time of your life. There were  a few friends who were placed in my life at the right time and then slowly faded out. When I was going through a hard time in my twenties and seemed to have no support available, a woman named Robin appeared. She worked in the produce section at the store I worked in and we started talking and discovered that we both enjoyed dancing. She was half my age, married and living in a decrepit farmhouse in a neighboring small town.



We ambitiously started hanging out, getting together for a good cup of coffee with a splash of honey and friendly conversation. Since dancing was one of  our loves, we frequented a bar dancehall on Friday and Saturday nights, dancing the night away. I know I’m not a great dancer by any means and won’t be competing in Dancing with the Stars anytime soon, but at that time I was confident and young.




Robin was definitely there for me as a friend, when I needed one. She went through troubles with her marriage and I saw her through it, listening for support. They ended up getting divorced and something typical happened, we grew apart.  I was working at a new store in a different location and didn’t see Robin as often. We were still friendly when we ran into each other but didn’t purposely go out to dance.



Although this happened suddenly, it was really okay for both of us! We had needed the support and council at that time and I believe God brought us together as friends for a short time. Sometimes people come into your life for a reason and go out for the same and it’s okay. At that time, they are just what we needed, yet circumstances change! When it doesn’t seem to work anymore , it truly is okay to let go.





I used to feel guilty when I stopped contact with acquaintances or friends. Now I realize through life’s experience and with wisdom, that there was an unconscious need to let go. Letting go takes real guts. Relationships that don’t serve you and end up being an emotional drain are included. Sometimes people live a  totally different life than you and have a whole different set of principles. It seems like your friendship has come to a fork in the road. Then it’s time to make a crucial decision. It’s hard to do it ,but you must do it when you feel this way.




God strategically places people in our path for companionship, support, or lessons. Whatever it is, sometimes there’s a season and seasons end. Learn to see these situations for what they are and move on without looking back. It’s all a part of this roller coaster called LIFE.




All My Best,

Heart and Soul❤️








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