Photo Challenge: Morning

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As I walk silently with a purpose across the lawn, I notice sparkling sunlight welcoming me, the family gardener. Ahh…there is an enveloping cool air, a sure sign of summer in New Hampshire. Visions of digging in dirt overcome me. The growing patch bathes in glowing sun rays as little birds chirp and whistle, ” Good Morning!” Morning spent in the garden equals harmony and essential for a great day, well spent.

Happy morning to you all wherever you may be!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️



7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Morning

  1. Oh there’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning and enjoying your garden before the world is up. I love those rays of sunshine peering into your vegetable patch. Did the fencing keep the critters at bay? Just curious. You’ve got quite a spread there, I don’t have the room here since we’ve downsized, so I take advantage of the gardens where I volunteer. Been harvesting quite a bit lately.

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    1. Loretta, yes, so far the fence is doing its job,mthank goodness. We are fortunate to have ample space here! In coming years I may downsize with our youngest leaving for college, it’s just my husband and I. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity where you volunteer. 😊


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