It’s been a hot fiery summer in our state and my garden is showing it. Everything seems to be thriving from good ole Mrs. Sun. Despite this, we all know a cleansing rain shower feeds the plants as well and makes a difference in growth. The last couple of days have been cooler with the anticipated showers soaking the patch.





In past summers,  I’ve noticed that the saving rain brings forth miracles. Let me explain before you think I’m crazy…after rain showers I wait a day to dry up my crop. I really don’t mind getting my gardening clothes damp by walking through or working in a wet patch, but have found that the day off brings unexpected surprises!After a day’s wait,  I have entered my squash patch to find numerous treasures ready to pick and ripe red tomatoes bursting for my picking. Just yesterday a miracle veggie hung on my new fence, vines trailing up the lattice. When I approached this amazing wonder, there was a jaw dropping cucumber for the ages. It’s definitely the longest and  most hearty one I’ve ever grown!





Tom and I couldn’t stop laughing at this miracle and chalked it up to the fertile soil and the splash of mother nature’s juice. While taking a picture for posterity ( because you never know if this gem will ever be matched), promising thoughts of our town’s special annual day popped up …wouldn’t it be hilarious to showcase the town’s potential longest cucumber on display at the town hall? People from every corner of its borders would relish in this wonder! Saturday is the big day, a day of celebration, a firemen’s auction and community dinner and playing band to wrap up the day and my 18 inch cuke could be a part of it! Haha.



With the cuke harvest in full swing, I dream of delicious creamy cucumber salad and scrumptious cuke sandwiches! Cuke sandwiches are simple and so easy to make! Once you taste one, you may just be addicted. Here’s a warning, though, it must be made with fresh grown cucumbers, preferably from a local garden.



Simply choose your favorite bread ( I like multi grain from the store’s bakery) and spread a thin layer of mayo on both sides. I love sliced onion and tomatoes and lay them down first. Follow with sliced cukes. Sprinkle with McCormick’s Salad Seasoning, which is a delicious spice combination of paprika, poppy seeds, celery seed, black pepper,sesame seed, Romano cheese, salt, sunflower oil and a few more things. Add salt and pepper and you’re ready to eat! It’s very tasty and adds some punch to your veggie sandwich!



Yesterday’s picking, washed and drying


If anyone knows wonderful cucumbers recipes, please share! I’m bombarded with cukes! I would like to give away some but my veggie table isn’t working. People are not stopping so I need to find a different way to give them away!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


14 thoughts on “A CUCUMBER FOR THE AGES

  1. How wonderful, and wow what a long and attractive cuke! It almost looks like an English cucumber (the seedless kind). Isn’t Mother Nature so wonderful? I’m going crazy with all the veggie produce too from the garden where I volunteer at. Lately, my blog seems to be inundated with recipes from the fresh harvest. A couple weeks ago, I posted a pickled cucumber recipe on my blog. Perhaps you could try that, the best part of pickling is you get to keep it around longer. Here’s the link if you’re interested

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  2. Wow! What is your variety. Mine always seem to get so thick if they get that long. My favorite way to eat cucumbers is with a mix of vinegar and half and half cream poured over them then sprinkled with salt and pepper. Simple your refreshing.

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    1. I have Boston pickling Cukes, English Cukes and not sure what the other variety is. I’ll try your vinegar idea, sounds good. Another good way is to add sliced onion, vinegar, milk and a little sugar for a creamy cucumber salad. Delicious!😉


    1. I would recommend using cow manure in the soil and some people use Miraclegro but I don’t need to. Maybe it’s just the year. That’s my peppers, rich green plants with healthy leaves but no peppers. Good luck and thanks for reading.😉


  3. I recently read that cockroaches do not like cucumbers so cucumber skins placed near their hideout will drive them away! I haven’ t tried this out yet. But they taste delicious with a curd rice we make in the summer here. the rice is cooled and mixed with curds, a spoonful of butter, salt, chilli powder, coriander, green chillies, crushed peanuts or cashew nuts, and thinly sliced cucumbers.

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