A Passing Goodbye to a Growing Season

Sadly my cuke plants wither in the September month


You can tell it’s September in our neck of the woods. Crickets chant opposed to peepers, the hummingbirds desperately sip their nectar to fill up for their long journey. A few Oak and Maple leaves have already changed into vivid yellow and red colors. Nice sunny and pleasant days turn into cool bearable nights with windows wide open. Fall is springing upon us in New England and I couldn’t be happier!




Something else that I notice is that my garden is dying back. Boo hoo, this statement is told with sadness and regret that I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted out there. Cucumber leaves have shriveled up to rusty brown and crinkle as I walk among them. A few last stragglers continue to hang but Im not sure if I’ll pick them soon or not. Tomato plants have spiked into full trees, bearing nice red scrumptious tomatoes for homemade spaghetti sauce and sliced in meals. Butternut squash are just turning that creamy tan color and just wait to see how huge they are! Tom and I will take a good month to eat all of these beauties…time to give away again!



As turkeys trot by our yard and a doe and fawn pass on the game trail nearby, I know this change is good. All seasons must end and change…this change into fall is exciting because it’s my favorite season, and Tom’s too! I love the vibrant hues of yellows, reds and pink leaves draping over branches and wispy, floating towards the soft ground. The cool air revives us after spending hot sticky days outside. Pumpkins and gourds scatter on porches and stoops with homemade scarecrows placed nearby. Lofty winds pick up and wildlife desperately search for winter’s rations.




Yes, I left my bygone lettuce in and for the first time in years, my carrot tops are dying. Maybe not enough water? I’ve picked carrots well into November before.

Our cozy spot bordering our garden.


The garden is almost ready to put to bed until next year. Tomatoes, carrots, squashes and new eggplants still need a little time. Thoughts of its beauty remains, even with its latest brown colors. Every year I truly regret not spending more time out there, for it’s my sanctuary. As always I’ll vow to do that next year but what will happen is yet to be determined. I may not know this but I do know our family and a few others reaped its rich benefits and I thank God for the harvest.

Is anyone else seeing changes in his/ her garden? Do you see the change of seasons in its veins?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

9 thoughts on “A Passing Goodbye to a Growing Season

  1. I especially love this time of year too. Except here on the East Coast, we are still experiencing temperatures in the 90’s. Still, the nights are nice and cool. It’s a bittersweet moment when nature turns, the gardens are struggling, but this is a great time to harvest and store away for the coming winter months. I’ve been doing that with my herbs lately and of course tomatoes. Your descriptions are so vivid, I can picture the beautiful grounds around you. Happy Fall!

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  2. You have a very nice descriptive writing style. Yes things are changing around here, too, and it’s noticeable. Leaves are falling already from the huge maple in my neighbor’s yard. In her yard but it seems the leaves all choose to come to rest in our yard. 🙂
    The animals that roam in your neck of the woods roam at our son’s neck of the woods, too.

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  3. My garden gave me a shock, a pleasant one this week. I had bought several African Violets almost a year ago and they all lost their flowers and kept getting more leaves. I read up all experts, changed their locations all the time and finally gave up hope. then this week one of them put out three tiny glittering blue flowers! I was thrilled. then yesterday another one has put out four cream flowers! I am now hoping the remaining three or four will soon follow suit!

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