3 Quotes for 3 Days Challenge

This is day two of the 3 Quotes for 3 Days Challenge and I want to focus on Gratitude. Much of my adult life I’ve reflected on being thankful for my life. I didn’t always feel this way,as my childhood and teen years were rocky and I was unsure of many things, therefore I was not grateful for anything and it wasn’t until I was a grown adult did I realize how gratitude is extremely vital in life!


Gratitude is thanking each and every valuable person in your life, appreciating the many gifts they’ve given you such as friendship, kindness, patience or maybe a second chance. It’s living with the firm notion that you wouldn’t be the person you are without them and their qualities.


It’s the appreciation of small meaningful moments, such as viewing a stunning sunset or watching my sons talking and laughing when they are together. It’s knowing that I’m  so lucky to have a loving husband who makes my coffee every morning. Gratitude is knowing I married into a good strong family and if we needed them, they would have our back.





When you live every breath with gratitude, everything seems amazing. I am grateful for my family, my job and kind co-workers and my home and quiet neighborhood in a small town. Most days I’m  grateful for  a good cup of coffee and quiet morning moments with my husband. The October ambers, reds and golds of leaves on trees and their gathering in askew piles on the ground are on my gratitude list. Cool Autumn air, sweatshirts and snug sweaters, bon-fires, hot chocolate and delicious apple crisp are all things I can’t live without and I’m grateful for them.


Ive been nominated to post for 3 quotes for 3 days challenge by Wheat and Tares at https://thegrizzlegrist.wordpress.com/. I graciously accept the challenge and want to thank her for nominating me! This is new to me but it sounds like fun and I like a challenge. Check out her inspirational blog, which I look forward to reading every week.

The rules for the 3 Quotes for 3 Days Challenge are:

1. Post three quotes for three days
2. Each day nominate three bloggers for challenge ( no repetition))
3. Thank who nominated you
4. Inform the nominees


Today my nominees are:

1.Deborah at The Closet Monster https://deborah-bryan.com/. Deborah writes wonderfully of her life with her family. Her sense of humor and honesty make for an entertaining blog.

2. Ellen at https://happywonderer.com/. Her site is inspirational and filled with sweet posts about her family. She also shares her travel pictures and has a special segment on signs.

3. Aishwarya at https://aishwaryasivakumar.wordpress.com/. Her small moments are described so poignantly that they actually turn into big ones. I enjoy reading her installments and learn a little about India as well.


Live this life with gratitude with every breath,


every small moment( sometimes they mean the most, don’t you think?),


Appreciating others who have blessed you in your life


and thanking God for it all!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️






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