My Home Amid the Fall Foilage


Most of my life my feet have been planted in Northern New Hampshire, where I proudly call home. When I was born until about the age of 6, my family lived in Wilder and Burlington, Vermont. From then on we lived in Lebanon, Haverhill and then Woodsville, New Hampshire. I left home at 19 to seek new exciting places, attending college in Boston. This was a stark difference from rural living I was used to and it just lasted the first semester. My dream was misguided and faded fast. The reality punched me in the face, I missed home. I longed for my family, friends and the small town where everyone knew your name. So I came home and have been here, in New Hampshire, ever since.





The  country way of life that I was raised in is precious and familiar.


It’s also the slow thoughtful living that feels comfortable and not hurried.


The looming mountains that tower in the distance with their majestic forms


guard our place in the world.


My heart chooses this land because of the wild animals that freely roam here


sharing the land with us and granting us moments of peace


and wonder with every glimpse of them.


The people in small towns, who know all your business but will be at your doorstep to help if you need it.


In Autumn the highlight is the enhanced beauty of the landscape


with shades of amber, pinks, and mustard yellows.


Walking down my road the colors serenade me


as crows caw their call and deer saunter in the woods.


Fallen piles of leaves decorate green lawns with pumpkins and scarecrows on display.



Apple trees host ripe red beauties to twist and pick.


Perky pumpkins lay on vines in patches


Turkeys trek across the road often and


Geese fly south, forming a V in the sky above


and I pray they have a safe journey.


imageimageimageimageimageAs all the out of staters travel through and gawk at our beautiful home, I realize how blessed my family and I are, to live here. We rise to the beauty with no travel time and rest at night under coal black skies lit with shining stars. Some people see mere glimpses of this, while we live it everyday!


As you may know by now, this region is so beautiful to me. My soul thrives here amid the spectacular colors and cool night air. It is my home… up north where people live, breathe fresh air and work hard here, raising families and honoring God. It’s a quiet place to raise your children without fear or violence.

I hope YOU all have stopped by here to enjoy fall foliage in October. If not hopefully you’ve indulged in beautiful photographs of our state. It’s a special peaceful place and worth the trip.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


13 thoughts on “My Home Amid the Fall Foilage

  1. Wow. Mary. Such. Beautiful pictures. And. Can. Fell your love for the county. I. Fell the. Same. This is a. Great time of year. Enjoying. All. Gods. Colors here in. Maine. Also love u. All

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