Wild Encounters in the Night



Recently I’ve boasted of our rural area and of the amazing wildlife we host. I failed to mention that we are constantly reminded of just how wild it is and how daring we are to live with it! In the wee darkened hours of a couple of nights ago, A BOOM awakened my husband and my slumber. Usually these night time occurrences result in one of us sleepily padding downstairs to discover our cats in the trash or standing in a mess of something they knocked down and broken. This time, it was different and mysterious.




Tom checked it out, expecting the cat’s chaos and ready to gently scold our tom cat, Smokey. Yet when he dressed on the bedside, he spied our rambunctious kitty in a sleep stupor and our other cat slept in downstairs in the livingroom rocker. When Tom came back to bed ,he informed me everything was intact. Immediately I thought of a break in…even though we’ve never had any here, that doesn’t rule it out. But what was the crash and loud noise coming from the kitchen area or outside or on the roof?



Back to sleep we went after a few light words and questions, we both continued our slumber….until a little later,SUDDENLY another loud noise and incessant prodding at something outside or on the roof or possibly the attic interrupted us once again! This time Tom took his .22 and I know what you’re thinking, but a man’s got to protect his wife and dwelling! Meanwhile I quietly reminded him to make sure it wasn’t a human before he shot, if it was, he could scare him away. I trusted his sound judgment and knew he would do the right thing.



Outside my husband circled our house with flashlight in hand, with determination. I gently opened our bedroom window and heard branches of trees cracking like matchsticks in our backyard, leading us to believe that it was a pretty big animal and it had been trying to get inside!




Morning had broken and with first light, more investigating but we didn’t learn anything. As we braced for the next night, we wondered what animal would be trying to break in….a bear, raccoon, or porcupine? Were they prying boards off the house, pawing at rocks in the foundation or what? As I think and wonder about all this, I really do feel like we are living in wild country, maybe not like the Yukon or the Alaskan rough but somewhere where the wild are unforgiving, relentless and bound to come back soon. It’s the survival game, the same as our plotting our wood pile or filling our freezer for winter. It’s all about winter survival.


Yesterday Tom spent the morning boarding up our home, making sure whatever was trying to burst in, won’t be successful. Last night we slept peacefully with no noises or visitors. As far as we know, it didn’t come back! 


All My Best( shakin’ in my boots),

Heart and Soul❤️

10 thoughts on “Wild Encounters in the Night

  1. Hope whatever that was does not return and your sleep is not interrupted like that again. We’ve had raccoons on our roof before. Glad you have a 22.

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