Taking Care of Yourself

This was shot on our mini get away in Maine. I really took care of myself that weekend.

Good Morning! This post is dedicated to women everywhere who tend to get wrapped up in taking care of their house and family, but who don’t find the valuable time for themselves. We all practice this, maybe you aren’t aware of it or you just settle because you have no idea how to start taking the time for yourself.




I got the idea for today’s post by events that are really happening to me, which led me to believe there may be many other women in my shoes. Perhaps if we ponder over this dilemma, we all can help each other overcome this problem of finding time for yourself and your needs as a woman.  You see, my kids are living their life on their own,one in college and one living in his own apartment with his lovely girlfriend. My husband and I are the only ones at home,yet I still have a hard time finding the precious time to devote to myself and my physical and emotional well being!



I believe this distraction of being drawn to housework and chores is just a way of life. For twenty years I’ve been a busy mom and wife, always doing something for the family and house. Once a woman has established this routine, it’s awfully difficult to break the cycle, even if self growth is at hand.




Guilty feelings have always plagued me when I took time for myself. When I paused for a break when the boys were little, something at home always waited for me. Maybe it was a mess with my name on it or a sink full of dishes, yet when I left it had been empty. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not blaming my husband or kids, but that’s what my brief time off handed me, more work. At some point I started ignoring the mess and realizing that didn’t matter and it could always wait until the next day.


One of my summer- to – do wishes was to go to a yoga class. A few women at school go once or twice a week. I’ve always yearned to go and better myself, get in shape physically and align my heart, mind and body. Summer came and went and so did my dreams of yoga. Every week I intended on going ( and even placed my clothes and water bottle in a strategic place in the kitchen), I chickened out and opted for the familiar, house duties. One week the flimsy excuse was the garden( as if a mass amount of weeds would grow while I was away for two hours), another one was vacuuming that had to be done. My point is I couldn’t and wouldn’t walk away from my old routine.



Now I’ve actually joined yoga and went to my third class yesterday. Even just yesterday I almost ditched it because we need groceries. But instead I told myself I could shop today after school and that yoga was important. It’s vital for me right now  to find myself, to explore this new idea of being me…not a wife or mom but me. I think somewhere along this journey of marriage and raising boys, I lost or truly never learned who I was.  I wanted to invest in my children and husband and make their life wonderful without remembering to invest in myself. Yet, If I could go back in the past, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Who am I behind this mask of mom and wife?





This is a woman’s plight…when you find yourself in an empty nest you are faced to really peer in the mirror and see yourself. You try to learn who you are, for along the way you took care of your family as your first priority and forgot about you. It’s an Earth shattering lightbulb moment when you stop and realize that you lost yourself over time. That’s when you pick yourself up and vow to learn. What makes me happy? What can I do to find myself and invest in my being? How can I continue to give to others but also give to myself?


As I start this self discovery journey, I invite you to ponder over your situation! Have you lost yourself along the way? Are you experiencing the same procrastination I practiced with taking care of yourself? For now I’m loving my new journey, writing in blogs and going to yoga. I’m excited what other new activities or hobbies I’ll explore and how I grow as myself during the process.



All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

11 thoughts on “Taking Care of Yourself

  1. I am grateful that compared to many of my siblings I have embraced this philosophy of keeping me well. I’m also older than you and further along on my journey I suspect…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We do eventually learn that investing in ourselves is essential to happiness. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are in your journey, as long as you’re living life the best way you can. Thanks for stopping by!❤️


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