My Latest Find




I don’t know about you, but I love a good granola or energy bar! I’ve been searching for a healthy one for awhile. I tried Cliff bars and they are pretty good and with many flavors. The problem with them is that they are too filling and kind of dry. Now and then Tom likes one for hunting but most of the time I buy Quaker Oats granola bars but it’s with apprehension because I know they aren’t very healthy for you and I could find a better bar.


Now I think I’ve found something pretty special in a bar. A co- worker in my classroom shared a piece of her OWL bar the other morning. I’m not sure how we got on the topic, but we did and what resulted was a four person conversation involving healthy bars. What resulted was that my other co- worker ordered hers right away and I was sold as well. I went right home after school and ordered a dozen.



The OWL bars are made in Brattleboro, Vermont and are organic, gluten free, made with honey, oats, and have different flavors. I ordered the cherry almond bars because they sounded delicious and I know Tom loves cherries. The original bars are tasty too and I may order them next.


I found their easy to maneuver website and ordered my bars a day ago. Lo and behold, a package appeared in my mailbox today! Upon opening them I discovered twelve little bars packed neatly, individually wrapped. Yum!


The one drawback is the price but sometimes to be healthy, you have to spend money. I paid $33 plus shipping for twelve bars but I’m satisfied because they will last a month or maybe six weeks, they are delicious and we both like them very much. I think I’ll share some with our son in college and see if he likes them.

What do you suggest for a good energy bar? Does anyone make their own?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

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