Confidence Within


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Listen up, inner self, you’re not so bad. All your life you’ve been beating yourself up. You haven’t wanted to, it just became a bad habit. You constantly tell yourself you’re not good enough or you don’t measure up to others capabilities. When people give you genuine compliments you can’t accept them. Does this self talk sound familiar? I know this because unfortunately I live it.



You are your worst enemy. You live life spreading kindness around you, yet you neglect sharing that with yourself! Isn’t it time to stop this low self esteem war once and for all? I ask myself this quite often and here’s what I plan to do but instead of letting it go to the wayside, this time I intend to stick with it.


All my life I’ve played the victim to low self esteem. It’s shrouded my accomplishments and precious milestones, simply because I let it. I’m not sure how it started but I fed it like a hungry beast and every time I vowed to get rid of it, for awhile it would disappear but sooner or later it always came back. Now I know this is all my fault, but I’m not the only woman fighting this battle. I will meet women like this and when they talk to me, my thoughts would come to my mind like, why doesn’t she love or trust herself? Yet I am the very same.



Taken from Pinterest



It’s fascinating to me how the younger generation of women are so confident with high self esteem, that it gets my goat. They come across as bitchy, pushy and arrogant. Even so,  they have this battle figured out or they never fought it. Maybe their family crowned them with self esteem glory and instead of low self esteem, they were indulged to the point of being just the opposite. I don’t wish to be this way, to flaunt my confidence and piss every other woman off. I do wish to be in the middle…to love myself and show in my movements and talk….to value my every being, the same love that my husband or family carriers in their heart for me.



Its not easy overcoming low self esteem when I’ve lived it all my life and it’s what makes me. What if self confidence destroys what makes me who I am? What if I change to the point that people don’t want to be around me anymore? These are the daring risks I must take, to love myself and live my best life. ( sounds like Oprah, huh?)

So I pledge to myself to get over it, to trust my decisions and actions. I want to live confidently but keep being humble. When I think of this, Tim Mcgraw’s song plays in my mind, ” …always stay humble and kind.” When I’ve won this battle, I hope to still be sweet, humble and kind, because that’s who I am.


My first step in this building confidence campaign is to accept compliments without excuses. Next I will believe in my work at school and take risks, knowing I’m able to get positive results. Wish me luck in my endeavor and I’ll keep you all posted as it unfolds.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️



4 thoughts on “Confidence Within

    1. Tara, maybe you are right…younger women may just mask it well. I’m envious of how they carry themselves and that could be why it annoys me. I think they could teach me how to live with confidence. I think Ill simply let go of the negative feelings and praise them for their confidence.😉


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