Turkey Trek








It’s a Monday afternoon

In the smoky cloudy shade of the day

I happen to glance out my window

Turkeys trek down the country road

A north country tradition

A flock of fowl peck and scratch

On an Autumn mission

In scattered droves.

They dig in the dried grass

looking for bugs

Cars pass by and slow engines to take a gander

One honks it’s horn

As a stray bird wanders in the road

Turkeys have taken over…

With crunchy leaves blowing off trees

and a chilly air signaling snow

I think there’s a panic in the air

A sudden scurry for food

To prepare for nature’s season change

Little do they know that November is here!

In a few weeks they may want to hide

For Thanksgiving will soon arrive.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


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