How A Cat Can Be Your Best Friend😽

Beautiful miss Katie, the elder of the kitties at 13 1/2 years old. 





Winking Smokey, the character of the house


Pets are a huge part of the family, for they sleep at your feet and accept you unconditionally everyday. Some people are both cats and dogs lovers, while others definitely choose sides in the cats versus dogs age old competition. Some people prefer dogs, saying they’re man’s best friend. They dislike cats and their independence and attitude. They say they don’t compare to dogs. I understand this thinking, but I’m a cat lover and I’ll tell you why.



Cats are loving and cozy companions. Many dog lovers don’t believe this, but it’s true! Whether it’s their rubbing up against your leg, cuddling on the couch or purring loudly when scratched, cats show their love and do appreciate attention. Our cat Smokey is so affectionate and wants to be close to us that he sleeps on our bed at our feet. He greets us at the door with his meowing whiny chatter and shows his love constantly.


Mischievous and unpredictable, as Smokey opened up a paper bag ( for kindling) to sleep in.


Did I hear something?


Cats sense danger and will help you through it. I know this first hand….several times my cats have tried to help when they thought there was trouble. One time I slept right through the alarm clock and it kept annoyingly beeping like a truck backing up. This prodded Smokey to incessantly meow and attempt to wake me up, even clawing my hair. He thought the waking alarm meant danger!



Cats’ independence  can work to your advantage! When going on vacation, a pet sitter or dog walker isn’t necessary. All you need is a person to stop by to fill up the food and water bowls. You can scoop the litter boxes when you get home. Unless you’re gone for a week, then it may be necessary to have your person do that.




Cats are just as loyal with unconditional love as dogs. People say dogs are man’s best friend but why can’t cats play this role? They can….our cats listen to us but with attitude, follow us around the house, and love us just as much as a dog could. They provide company with a roaring deep purr. Maybe you’re not convinced, maybe you still think dogs are better pets. That’s okay… but I’ll continue to love my cats, be grateful for them and value them as part of our family. 


Treat your kitties to a fresh fresh piece of fish as a treat! We had baked fish for dinner tonight and gave Katie and Smokey some! They were ecstatic! 





All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗





9 thoughts on “How A Cat Can Be Your Best Friend😽

  1. I was waiting for this post Mary! lovely. the cats look glorious, the winking one is a charmer! so is the grey tabby. I agree. It take some time to understand that cats show their affection so mysteriously that it is like discovering a new kind of jewel. A friend of mine told me that many years ago her father died and their cat could not be dislodged from the body! Till today they has not been able to take in another cat!

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