Choose Kindness


Kindness lives within all of us 

All you have to do is nourish it

Let it steer your life direction

Spread cheer wherever you roam.

Be kind to the older lady in the grocery store

Who may only see you during the day

Who may go home to nothing
all alone

Those kind words and precious smiles

could make all the difference in the world!

Start your day by smiling at others

Think kind thoughts

Pray hopeful prayers of kindness

Be happy for people living in success

And understanding and hopeful

for those who drown in sorrow and unhappiness.

Help however you can

Send a message, a phone call, a simple card

A small donation

Always a thoughtful prayer

When you are immersed in an argument or situation

Choose kindness

You don’t have to always be right

Or have the last word

It’s a better feeling to let go

To be kind and walk away

furthermore don’t get in an argument

in the first place!

For the last few years I start my day

Spreading kindness

The minute I arrive at school

I smile and talk to others

I acknowledge people

I always tell the school secretary and whoever is in the office

“ Have a good day!”

It’s the best feeling being kind to others

And it boomerangs back to me

most of the time!

All My Best,
Heart and Soul 💗



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